Wizards' Tower robbery

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The Wizards' Tower robbery occurred during the events of Love Story. Whilst the player is spying through the Wise Old Man's telescope, he and Zenevivia attack the Wizards' Tower in order to steal runes to restock from the battles in Dionysius' house. The guard in the tree reports that Dionysius is on the move. Meanwhile, Sedridor and other top wizards in the tower (except for Traiborn who is in search of a Thingummywut) make plans on the defence while Wizard Elriss seals the Runecrafting Guild. The lovers approach the tower, Zenevivia picks the door open, and Sedridor blasts her away with a spell.

Traiborn immediately runs to the bridge to look for a Thingummywut. Sedridor and Dionysius are battling with Saradomin Strike and Water Surge whilst Mizgog flees into the tower after one cast of Blood Barrage by Zenevivia. Taloram or Grayzag calls him a coward and summons five imps that attack Zenevivia. The imps are killed in one hit with Blood Barrage, Taloram or Grayzag says "Drat" and teleports away. When it looks like the battle is on their side, however, Traiborn comes back, puts something on the ground and announces he has got a Thingummywut and runs back. The item summons a Thingummywut, though it is impossible to see it due to the camera shifting. The robbers and Sedridor were clearly shocked. The Thingummywut, seemingly growing to a towering height, rapidly throws Earth Surges at Dionysius and Zenevivia. Sedridor steps aside and the lovers understand that they have failed. They teleport away (with their respective spellbooks) and the cutscene ends with the player commenting on the huge Thingummywut.

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The wizards are planning
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The raid begins!