Royal Guard (servant)

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The Royal Guard is a servant that stayed in RuneScape after the Diamond Jubilee. He works as a servant to make some money, as he is unemployed. He has the same abilities as Rick; he can transfer 6 items to and from the bank, and possesses the ability to make shrimp. He was also available during the Jubilee celebrations. He says that he likes it in Gielinor so much, he doesn't want to leave. He visited The Queen, for whom he has worked since he was young.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

Players can hire the Guard at the Servants' Guild, which is located north of the marketplace in East Ardougne. All six servants wander inside the building except for the servant you have hired (if any). Before hiring any servant, the player must meet three requirements:

  1. The player must have the required Construction level.
  2. The player's house must have at least two bedrooms with beds constructed in each one. If one of the beds is removed, then the servant will not become present again until the bed is rebuilt and the player exits and re-enters the house.
  3. The player must not have a servant already hired. If you want to switch servants, you must fire your current servant by talking to him in your house before going to the Servants' Guild.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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