Celebration cake (unlit)

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For the discontinued version of this item, see 10th anniversary cake.
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The unlit celebration cake is an item sold by Diango and Party Pete. To complete it, players must buy 10 celebration candles to the celebration cake, add them to the cake, and light it using a tinderbox, making the Celebration cake (lit). It is similar to the 10th anniversary cake, but it has pink filling instead of red and unlike the 10th Celebration cake, can be eaten with a right-click option. Doing so will put out the candles and heal the player for 200 life points. Also, a 10th anniversary cake can be destroyed and retrieved from Diango, whilst a celebration cake can not.

It has the same Celebrate emote as the 10th anniversary cake, but the cake shown has pink filling instead of red and the cake itself considerably lighter.

Weeks after the cake came out, players on trade worlds were attempting to sell this cake as a rare at prices ranging from thousands to millions of gp.

The Celebrate emote
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