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Ponti-Nex is an achievement that requires the player to wear a full set of ancient ceremonial robes while praying at the altar in the chapel at Kharid-et.

The altar is locked behind a barrier which requires a Pontifex signet ring (level 58 Archaeology) to pass through the barrier of the Kharid-et chapel giving access to the altar and a shadow anchor.

Ancient Ceremonial robes[edit | edit source]

Ancient ceremonial robes set Grand Exchange cost
Ancient ceremonial mask.pngAncient ceremonial mask7,584 [graph]
Ancient ceremonial top.pngAncient ceremonial top59,782 [graph]
Ancient ceremonial legs.pngAncient ceremonial legs42,412 [graph]
Ancient ceremonial gloves.pngAncient ceremonial gloves5,601 [graph]
Ancient ceremonial boots.pngAncient ceremonial boots4,800 [graph]
Total price120,179
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of this achievement is a pun on the word pontifex and Nex, the boss that ancient ceremonial robes grant access to.