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Template documentation
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Template:GE Set Cost Table invokes function make_table in Module:GE cost table using Lua.

This template is for displaying GE prices in a compressed format. This template uses {{GEPrice}}, and as such values for name must be valid GE item names (unless using price# and image#; not recommended if GE data exists).


{{GE Set Cost Table
|set    = Set Name
|name#  = {{GEPrice}} valid name
|price# = Should only be used if item does not have a GEPrice but is included in the set. If not set, will automatically pull the GEPrice.
|image# = optional alt image
|qty# = optional quantity (defaults to 1)
|notot  = If it has a value/exists (yes, 1, true, etc), doesn't show total.
|actual = The actual item set cost (optional)

name#, price#, and image# can continue up to 20 times total (name20, price20, image20).


The following is an example:

{{GE Set Cost Table
|name1=Bandos helmet
|name2=Bandos chestplate
|name3=Bandos tassets
|name4=Bandos gloves
|name5=Bandos boots
|name6=Bandos warshield
|name7=TokHaar-Kal|image7=TokHaar-Kal-Ket.png|price7=Complete the [[Fight Kiln]]

Produces the following result:

Bandos Grand Exchange cost
Bandos helmet.pngBandos helmet132,938 [graph]
Bandos chestplate.pngBandos chestplate2,634,785 [graph]
Bandos tassets.pngBandos tassets1,542,253 [graph]
Bandos gloves.pngBandos gloves200,692 [graph]
Bandos boots.pngBandos boots118,843 [graph]
Bandos warshield.pngBandos warshield100,263 [graph]
TokHaar-Kal-Ket.pngTokHaar-KalComplete the Fight Kiln
Total price4,729,774
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  • This template adds the prices of all the items up for you.