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The adventurer was a young man who was captured by trolls in the Troll Stronghold. He was stripped of his items - dragon helm, dragon chainbody, abyssal whip, shark, coins, dragon platelegs and goutweed - and placed in a pot in the troll kitchen by Burntmeat. He begged the troll chef to let him go, offering his items in exchange for freedom.[1] Burntmeat refused as he found the dragon equipment to be too tough to eat, but got angry when he found the goutweed.[2] He accused the adventurer of stealing it,[2] who protested his innocence, claiming it had been grown in Tai Bwo Wannai.[3] Burntmeat thought the idea sounded good then cooked the adventurer into a stew. However, the stew didn't taste good, giving the troll a stomach ache, which he put down to not washing the adventurer's feet first.[4]

Burntmeat later decided that growing goutweed could be a good idea, and told a different adventurer of the original adventurer's fate, in an attempt to convince them to help his assistant My Arm learn how to grow the weed.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player asks Burntmeat for the Adventurers items as a reward, Burntmeat will say that he threw them away as they weren't edible. If Swan Song is completed, your character replies, "You're worse than that old man who wouldn't give me his hat!" This pertains to the many rants during Swan Song where your character begs the Wise Old Man for his blue partyhat.

References[edit | edit source]

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