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Cauldrons are scenery objects in RuneScape commonly associated with witches.

Aggie the witch using a cauldron

Notable cauldrons are in the Witch's Potion miniquest where the player must use a cauldron to make a magic spell, and in My Arm's Big Adventure the player witnesses an Adventurer being boiled alive in one by hungry trolls.

There are several variations of cauldrons around RuneScape. The most commonly seen is a small cauldron which contains a green liquid. The player upon examining it states that they'd rather not know what's cooking in it. These cauldrons often appear in dungeons such as the Varrock Sewer near the moss giants, which contains a purple liquid.

Other variations of this cauldron are seen in various houses belonging to witches; they range in colours from blue to purple and normally have the player stating that they'd rather not know the contents of the cauldron.

Troll Cauldrons[edit | edit source]

The cauldrons used by the trolls to prepare their food are far bigger than the normal cauldrons located in RuneScape. The trolls' cauldrons are roughly four times as wide and twice as high as a standard cauldron and contain a greyish brown broth. One is located on Death Plateau and is called a cooking pot. If the player examines it, they hope it wasn't anyone they knew who was boiled in it. The Troll Stronghold kitchen contains a cauldron that the player simplifies as being a troll stew. However, they don't want to get too close to see what's cooking in it. This is because trolls (especially Burntmeat) enjoy boiling humans for lunch in their cooking pots, and it was in this very cauldron that the Adventurer met his end.

The cooking pot at Death Plateau, many adventurers have finished up in here!
A typical troll cooking pot with typical troll ingredients!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Every cauldron in RuneScape (except the goblin cauldron during Recipe for disaster) has no visible fire underneath it or any other source of heat to make the water boil, however they all appear to be boiling if the player looks at them.
  • The troll cauldrons have a yellow broth in them in low detail mode, however in high detail it is a darker grey colour.
  • Since the particle effects graphical update, some cauldrons now have visible steam flowing from the rim.
  • The cauldron on Death Plateau is surrounded by the skeletal remains of devoured humans examined as "troll leftovers", yet the cauldron inside the Troll Stronghold Kitchen has no bones near it, however downstairs in the prison there are multiple stacks of human remains, suggesting that they are removed from the kitchen and dumped there, hinting at a horrible fate to the other prisoners.
  • The cooking pot on Death Plateau was originally called "Troll Stew" and had the examine of "Smells more like innocent villager stew to me" however when My Arm's Big Adventure was released the cauldron became interactable and was renamed to "cooking pot" and the description was also changed.