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Burntmeat the cook preparing a stew

The Troll kitchen is a kitchen located on the middle floor of the Troll Stronghold.

In the middle of the room lies a gigantic Cooking pot used by the trolls to prepare their meals, to the north of the room is a caged pen where goats are kept for cooking, the Strongholds prison is used to store humans, the more valued meat by trolls. On the east side of the room there are drawers which contain a hidden key for the Goutweed storeroom.

Burntmeat the troll is in charge of the kitchen, and he, with the assistance of three other troll cooks, prepare the stews.

The kitchen plays a large role in the quest Eadgar's Ruse. The player must make a fake man to give to Burntmeat to cook in his stew so that Burntmeat will tell the player where the key to the storeroom is kept.

The kitchen is the starting point of My Arm's Big Adventure, and the player witnesses in a cutscene a fellow adventurer being boiled alive in the cauldron by Burntmeat. All his Dragon armour is littered around the room as Burntmeat prepares to boil him.

He is interrogated by Burntmeat before being boiled alive and eaten. However, the cutscene ends before the adventurer finishes cooking. To the disappointment of the player, Burntmeat has thrown away his armour as it is no good for eating.

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