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Azure room is a room located in the Temple of Aminishi accessed by going through the northern door in the first room of the Temple of Aminishi by opening that door with the azure key.

The room contains the mysterious lectern as well as some discarded pages in the southern part on the northern part of the platform.

In the north-western part it has a trunk at the centre of the western wall and just south of it the armament log can be found and just north-east of that the discarded scraps can be found.

In the north-eastern part it has a treasure chest which can be used like the other treasure chests found the Temple of Aminishi to claim loot, teleport to checkpoints as well as toggling auto-collect on or off. Players can not teleport to this treasure chest.

Exiting the azure room through the north-eastern door gives the player access to North-eastern Aminishi where the trunk key can be found in a sand pile on the Northern shore with which the player can open the trunk in this room.

Opening the trunk completes the A Mini Shipment achievement.

Location of the door to the azure room in the first room of the Temple of Aminishi

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