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Himiko's Vision is a book found by defeating Masuta the Ascended in the Temple of Aminishi in either normal or story mode; however, the drop rate is higher in story mode.[1]

Finding this book and Crassian Allegiance completes The Many Hands That Write achievement, which is a part of the master quest cape and Elite Dungeons achievements.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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  1. ^ There is further information on this drop; see the associated page for details.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Himiko's Vision.

The cure...

They won't thank us for our good work, but it's a necessity.

I have been shown a great and terrible vision. As I meditated beneath the waves, I heard a voice that sang to me through the currents. A beautiful voice made of whale song and gentle rhythm of waves crashing against the rocks.

It told me our world is doomed and it is our fault.

Each of us, each man, woman and child is guilty of sin. We go through our lives thinking ultimately of ourselves and we commit crimes against each other and the world. Even small crimes, a little lie here, a little anger there, marks our souls with the slightest of stains.

We go through our lives so marked. So stained and corrupt and when we die we bring that corruption with us and we stain the wheel of reincarnation as we do.

When we are reborn, we drag that filthy stain with us back into the world and we feed it. We spread it. We pass our sin to others. We birth it with new generations and we teach them the same tainted lessons that we have learned ourselves.

We spread the sin and we stain the wheel further.

Cycle after cycle. Life after life. We darken the very soul of the world.

I wept as the voice sung of this. I wailed knowing that it was right, that we are destroying our souls and ourselves with each life we live.

'But fear not', said the voice.

'For there is a cure. A way to scrub clean the soul, so that the world may be healed.'

There was such joy in my heart as i heard these words. Such hope I was filled with that it lifted me to the water's surface, dragging me away from that voice. But the waves caught me and the voice held me fast.

'Come, I will show you' She said as her gentle hands drew me down the depths of the ocean and to an ancient temple, long since forgotten.

'This stone is the blade that will cut away the sin from the souls of the faithful. Its power will cleanse and purify you in both body and spirit. Take it and be reborn.'

So I took the stone and I felt its purifying light enter me and I smiled as the scars and stains of my previous sins were washed away in those calm oceans.

A cure.

A cure for the sickness that threatens the world.

The great guardian beasts are similarly corrupted, though it is not their fault. It is our actions, our sins that corrupts them. So we need to purify them, we need to save them so that this world can fulfil its destiny.

They will fight against us. Rage against our cure. For their corruption is insidious and subtle and they do not know that they are so tainted. But we must be strong and we must use the black stone to free them from their suffering.

We will purify this world.

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References[edit | edit source]

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