Council of Seven

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Council of Seven table.png

The Council of Seven is a group of seven people in charge of the Temple of Aminishi and the Acolytes of Seiryu. Their goal is to cleanse and purify the universe, but they actually act as puppets for Xau-Tak, who has corrupted them and twisted their minds.

Madame Shih was formerly a member of the council; she joined the Acolytes of Seiryu with the intention of sabotaging their plans, and succeeded in slipping a backdoor into the magic ward she created for the Temple of Aminishi.

The Council had meetings in the azure room in the Temple of Aminishi. Seven thrones and a table can be found there. Likewise there is a set of seven thrones in the room, where Masuta the Ascended is fought, hiding a staircase leading down to Seiryu, the Azure Serpent in the Azure Prison.

Known members[edit | edit source]