Mining animica during Trahaearn Voice of Seren

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Mining Light and Dark animica
RequirementsMining light and dark animica.png
90 Mining (99 for Mining cape)
83 Summoning
Plague's End
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,196,983404.84%188,160 Mining
Inputs (295,667)Outputs (1,492,650)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Lava titan pouch.pngLava titan pouch18,207
Perfect juju mining potion (1).pngPerfect juju mining potion (1)114,165
Rock-crushing scrimshaw.pngRock-crushing scrimshaw0.3273,295
ItemQuantityGE Price
Dark animica.pngDark animica150801,450
Light animica.pngLight animica150691,200

Light and Dark animica are high level tier 90 ores, used to make Elder rune bars.

Depending on the ore you are mining, it is either 1,382,400 for Light animica or 1,602,900 for Dark animica.

When the hour begins, activate your Legendary quarrymaster aura (for the berserker aura, if your quarrymaster is on cooldown, and after you find a world, active it then), drink a sip of perfect juju mining potion, summon a lava titan, and if on legacy mode, use dragon battleaxe's special. You will want to find a world with two of the same rocks close to each other, so a rockertunity will spawn next to you. Click these for extra experience and more damage, meaning faster rocks. You can also 4 tick to keep your stamina up and mine faster.

If you do not have Grace of the elves, or do not want to use porters, a bank is close by, also an Elder rune box can hold up to 100, 120, or 140 rocks. Igneous and metamorphic geodes have a chance to appear in your inventory, while metamorphic geodes are quite rare, you can expect between 0-5 (4-5 rare) for 1 hour of mining animica.

If one were to use stone spirits, they would make 2,585,700 for light animica and 2,689,200 for dark animica.

For a close approximation of ore mined per hour (of pure mining) based on your levels and gear see the mining rate calculator.