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Elder rune bar is an item used in the smithing skill. It is a bar of metal, refined through the Smithing skill by combining one light animica ore, one dark animica ore and a rune bar in a furnace, or by casting the Superheat Item spell. Smelting the bar requires 90 Smithing and grants 26 Smithing experience.

Light animica and dark animica ores can be mined at level 90 Mining.

An elder rune bar can be smithed, creating elder rune equipment at an anvil.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Elder rune bar.png: Inventory image of Elder rune barElder rune bar
Smithing level Smithing 90
Used with Anvil, Furnace
Experience (per bar)
Smithing 1000 XP
Equipment 78 XP
Experience (per ore)
Smelting 26 XP
Equipment 2.028 XP

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Smelting[edit | edit source]

Elder rune bar.png Elder rune bar
Smithing-Make-X GE icon.png
26 XP-10,140
Smithing Smithing level90
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
Rune bar.pngRune bar12,5292,529
Light animica.pngLight animica13,8433,843
Dark animica.pngDark animica13,7333,733
Total price10,105

Products[edit | edit source]

Item Skill Materials
Armour spikes.png Armour spikes90 Smithing
Concentrated alloy bar.png Concentrated alloy bar99 Smithing
Elder rune 2h sword.png Elder rune 2h sword90 smithing
Elder rune 2h sword + 1.png Elder rune 2h sword + 190 smithing
Elder rune 2h sword + 2.png Elder rune 2h sword + 290 smithing
Elder rune 2h sword + 3.png Elder rune 2h sword + 390 smithing
Elder rune 2h sword + 4.png Elder rune 2h sword + 490 smithing
Elder rune 2h sword + 5.png Elder rune 2h sword + 590 smithing
Elder rune armoured boots.png Elder rune armoured boots90 smithing
Elder rune armoured boots + 1.png Elder rune armoured boots + 190 smithing
Elder rune armoured boots + 2.png Elder rune armoured boots + 290 smithing
Elder rune armoured boots + 3.png Elder rune armoured boots + 390 smithing
Elder rune armoured boots + 4.png Elder rune armoured boots + 490 smithing
Elder rune armoured boots + 5.png Elder rune armoured boots + 590 smithing
Elder rune full helm.png Elder rune full helm90 smithing
Elder rune full helm + 1.png Elder rune full helm + 190 smithing
Elder rune full helm + 2.png Elder rune full helm + 290 smithing
Elder rune full helm + 3.png Elder rune full helm + 390 smithing
Elder rune full helm + 4.png Elder rune full helm + 490 smithing
Elder rune full helm + 5.png Elder rune full helm + 590 smithing
Elder rune gauntlets.png Elder rune gauntlets90 smithing
Elder rune gauntlets + 1.png Elder rune gauntlets + 190 smithing
Elder rune gauntlets + 2.png Elder rune gauntlets + 290 smithing
Elder rune gauntlets + 3.png Elder rune gauntlets + 390 smithing
Elder rune gauntlets + 4.png Elder rune gauntlets + 490 smithing
Elder rune gauntlets + 5.png Elder rune gauntlets + 590 smithing
Elder rune longsword.png Elder rune longsword90 smithing
Elder rune longsword + 1.png Elder rune longsword + 190 smithing
Elder rune longsword + 2.png Elder rune longsword + 290 smithing
Elder rune longsword + 3.png Elder rune longsword + 390 smithing
Elder rune longsword + 4.png Elder rune longsword + 490 smithing
Elder rune longsword + 5.png Elder rune longsword + 590 smithing
Elder rune off hand longsword.png Elder rune off hand longsword90 smithing
Elder rune off hand longsword + 1.png Elder rune off hand longsword + 190 smithing
Elder rune off hand longsword + 2.png Elder rune off hand longsword + 290 smithing
Elder rune off hand longsword + 3.png Elder rune off hand longsword + 390 smithing
Elder rune off hand longsword + 4.png Elder rune off hand longsword + 490 smithing
Elder rune off hand longsword + 5.png Elder rune off hand longsword + 590 smithing
Elder rune ore box.png Elder rune ore box90 smithing
Elder rune pickaxe.png Elder rune pickaxe90 smithing
Elder rune pickaxe + 1.png Elder rune pickaxe + 190 smithing
Elder rune pickaxe + 2.png Elder rune pickaxe + 290 smithing
Elder rune pickaxe + 3.png Elder rune pickaxe + 390 smithing
Elder rune pickaxe + 4.png Elder rune pickaxe + 490 smithing
Elder rune pickaxe + 5.png Elder rune pickaxe + 590 smithing
Elder rune platebody.png Elder rune platebody90 smithing
Elder rune platebody + 1.png Elder rune platebody + 190 smithing
Elder rune platebody + 2.png Elder rune platebody + 290 smithing
Elder rune platebody + 3.png Elder rune platebody + 390 smithing
Elder rune platebody + 4.png Elder rune platebody + 490 smithing
Elder rune platebody + 5.png Elder rune platebody + 590 smithing
Elder rune platelegs.png Elder rune platelegs90 smithing
Elder rune platelegs + 1.png Elder rune platelegs + 190 smithing
Elder rune platelegs + 2.png Elder rune platelegs + 290 smithing
Elder rune platelegs + 3.png Elder rune platelegs + 390 smithing
Elder rune platelegs + 4.png Elder rune platelegs + 490 smithing
Elder rune platelegs + 5.png Elder rune platelegs + 590 smithing
Elder rune round shield.png Elder rune round shield90 smithing
Elder rune round shield + 1.png Elder rune round shield + 190 smithing
Elder rune round shield + 2.png Elder rune round shield + 290 smithing
Elder rune round shield + 3.png Elder rune round shield + 390 smithing
Elder rune round shield + 4.png Elder rune round shield + 490 smithing
Elder rune round shield + 5.png Elder rune round shield + 590 smithing
Masterwork trim.png Masterwork trim99 Smithing

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

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