Crystalline corruption

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Crystalline corruption are one of the two ways to cleanse corruption in Shifting Tombs. Cleansing corruption is one of the three main objectives within the minigame that must be completed before the time limit of 5 minutes is reached.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

There are 2 ways to cleanse corruption and work towards the corruption objective, namely breaking urns and mining crystalline corruption. Breaking urns can be done at a distance as long as the urn is considered within visible range of the player and near instantaneously, while mining corruption crystals takes time and is done like any other ore. Smashing urns will also yield a varying amount of coins, although the maximum gained is around 1,500 from each one.

However, if players break 5 urns in quick succession, players gain a buff in which they can break crystalline corruption quicker than they normally would by aiming a long blast in a line in front of them, which will cut down a row of crystals terminating in an AoE blast. The player can carry up to a maximum of 3 stacks of this buff by breaking more urns, but if they idle for longer than 21 seconds without breaking an urn, all of the stacks will be lost.

Mining corruption can yield Corundum, one of the Jewels of the Elid, provided the player has the Menaphos journal.

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