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Panels are used to open the Sarcophagus in Shifting Tombs. Each sarcophagus is surrounded by tiles depicting the 6 minor gods in the Desert Pantheon: Apmeken, Crondis, Het, Icthlarin, Scabaras, and Tumeken. Three panels must be pushed in the correct order before the sarcophagi can be opened.

Opening sarcophagi[edit | edit source]

Sarcophagi are found all over the tomb, primarily at the end of each path, although there may be a few that can be found at minor detours along the main path.

To loot a sarcophagus, players must first unlock it by clicking the panels in a row, and the order in which players must click the panels is shown by orbs emitting from the sarcophagus.

The start of the pulses is marked by a yellow flash on the sarcophagus, and this is followed up by 3 blue orbs emitted from the sarcophagus onto a panel, one at a time. After these 3 orbs have touched the panels, the sequence is repeated, with another yellow flash marking the restart of the sequence. To unlock the sarcophagus, players must click the panels in the order that the orbs touch.

If the wrong input is placed, the pattern will reset again. A message will display, 'You hear a grinding as the panels reset to their original positions'. Wait for the yellow flash from the sarcophagus to re-enter the pattern. At any time, the pattern can be forcibly reset to a new pattern by selecting the reset option on the sarcophagus. When a pattern is successfully completed a message will display, 'You hear a click as you press the last panel'. It is important to click on the sarcophagus to open it before leaving the area. The sarcophagus lid will turn sideways to indicate it is open. Forgetting to open the sarcophagus will result in a nil count for that sarcophagus in the overall number of sarcophagus openings in the objectives.

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