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Worlds Icon.png The official world for Shifting Tombs is world 134 (P2P).
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Shifting Tombs is a skilling minigame that is accessed in Menaphos after the completion of The Jack of Spades. The minigame may be played solo, or in a group of up to 5 players. Ironmen players may also participate, who must either play alone or with other Ironmen.[1]

Following Menaphos' "reopening" of sorts, Ozan has taken the chance to plunder wealth from the Menaphos underground, where the pharaohs of ages past were buried. To deter grave robbers, the tombs are magically warded in a manner similar to that of the floors of Daemonheim, so every tomb entered is different. Amascut would later head into the Menaphos underground searching for something, her presence causing the tombs to be filled with corruption and preventing people from staying down there for prolonged periods of time.

Shifting Tombs allows players to gain experience in skills of their choosing by pledging allegiance to different gods. The four primary skill choices are Dungeoneering, Agility, Thieving, and Construction; players are able to choose whether they gain experience in all 4 skills or a particular one of them.

While inside the tombs, secondary experience will be given in Crafting, Runecrafting, Prayer, and Divination. Alternatively, the player may opt to receive coins and other loot instead of experience, which is the default option.

The minigame has 3 tiers: the first only requires level 50+ in the four primary skills, while the second and third tiers require level 70+ and level 90+, respectively, in all primary and secondary skills.

Assuming all the objectives are completed and the player exits (or quick exits) via the rope before the time is up, fragments for the master camouflage outfit are given at 5 times the rate in Shifting Tombs compared to other Thieving activities, while the intervals between rounds of Shifting Tombs is 4–5 minutes compared to the cooldown of 5 minutes for regular Thieving.

Starting a game[edit | edit source]

Shifting Tombs obelisk.png

To start the minigame, players must first speak with Ozan upon entering the tomb via the stairs leading underground in each district. Afterwards, players may toggle their potential experience by interacting with the braziers and statues circling the entrance. Players may either enter the minigame alone by using the solo option, search for a group using the search option, or enter as a group using the available option under the Skills drop-down in the grouping system.

God Location Statue XP Brazier XP
Scabaras North Agility Prayer
Apmeken East Thieving Runecrafting
Crondis South Construction Crafting
Het West Dungeoneering Divination

Objectives[edit | edit source]

In Shifting Tombs, there are 3 main objectives to be completed before the time limit of 5 minutes is reached: opening sarcophagi, looting treasure chests, and cleansing corruption. If this time is reached, the player is automatically ejected from the tomb before the corruption overwhelms them, and their rewards will be penalized.

The number of sarcophagi and treasure chests to be opened, as well as the amount of corruption cleansed, varies from tomb to tomb.

To successfully escape the tomb, players must complete all 3 objectives and find the exit (a rope hanging from the tomb opening) before time runs out.

Players may escape the tomb at any time by clicking the rope, but will not gain any experience, reputation or a large quantity of coins if they do not complete at least 2 of the 3 objectives, and will be teleported back to the lobby.

Opening sarcophagi[edit | edit source]

Sarcophagus (Shifting Tombs).png

Each sarcophagus is surrounded by panels depicting the 6 minor gods in the Desert Pantheon. Sarcophagi are found all over the tomb, primarily at the end of each path, although there may be a few that can be found at minor detours along the main path.

To loot a sarcophagus, players must first unlock it by clicking the panels in a row, and the order in which players must click the panels is shown by orbs emitting from the sarcophagus.

The start of the pulses is marked by a yellow flash on the sarcophagus, and this is followed up by 3 blue orbs emitted from the sarcophagus onto a tile, one at a time. After these 3 orbs have touched the panels, the sequence is repeated, with another yellow flash marking the restart of the sequence. To unlock the sarcophagus, players must click the panels in the order that the orbs touch.

If the wrong input is placed, the pattern will reset again. A message will display, 'You hear a grinding as the panels reset to their original positions'. Wait for the yellow flash from the sarcophagus to re-enter the pattern. At any time, the pattern can be forcibly reset to a new pattern by selecting the reset option on the sarcophagus. When a pattern is successfully completed a message will display, 'You hear a click as you press the last panel'. It is important to click on the sarcophagus to open it before leaving the area. The sarcophagus lid will turn sideways to indicate it is open. Forgetting to open the sarcophagus will result in a nil count for that sarcophagus in the overall number of sarcophagus openings in the objectives.

Sarcophagi opening count is shared within a group. Any member of a group opening a sarcophagus will count towards each individual player's objectives.

If soloing, a maximum of 3 sarcophagi will need to be opened. It is possible to receive a task of 1 or 2 sarcophagi. Generally up to five or six sarcophagi can be found in a single solo run, although they are generally excess and do not need to be opened.

Players have a chance of finding small Menaphite offerings from looted sarcophagi, which may turn into medium size if the player has ring of Fortune luck or higher. There is also a 1/200 chance to loot a soul talisman from the sarcophagi, making it an extremely safe alternative for Ironmen compared to feline akhs.

Looting treasure chests[edit | edit source]

Treasure chests are blocked by skills, similar to skill doors in Dungeoneering. They can only be unlocked with the requisite skill level of the skill type the chest requires: Firemaking (wax seal), Farming (buried in dirt and overgrown with vines), Woodcutting (not buried, but covered in larger vines), and Thieving (large lock). Chests vary in level all the way up to 99.

When looting a chest, 2-18 feathers of Ma'at are commonly received, with tier 5 Menaphos Reputation increasing this amount. These fetch a decent price in the Grand Exchange due to their use in killing monsters in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, and it's recommended to loot every chest possible for the additional profit. If players have toggled off all statues to receive coins instead of experience as a reward, the amount of feathers received from opening chests will be doubled, effectively giving between 10-36. In either case, there is a 1/800 chance for players to loot an off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian instead of feathers from a chest. If one is looted, a message will appear stating "You find an off-hand menaphite khopesh." and trigger a friends and clan-wide broadcast. This is a tier 82 weapon which may be upgraded to tier 92 with drops from The Magister.

Looting a chest also occasionally spawns Corrupted Scarabs which yield coins and Slayer experience. Squishing these causes damage to the player, and can cause an unsafe death if you are not careful.

Treasure chest loot count is not shared within a group. Once opened by any player, a chest will appear open to all players; each player must search a chest individually for it to count towards their own objectives.

In solo runs, the amount of chests needed to be opened and looted can vary, ranging from 0-9. There may be additional chests outside of the major requirement like sarcophagi, although this is generally uncommon.

Cleansing corruption[edit | edit source]

Shifting Tombs urn.png

There are 2 ways to cleanse corruption and work towards the corruption objective, namely breaking urns and mining crystalline corruption. Breaking urns can be done at a distance as long as the urn is considered within visible range of the player and near instantaneously, while mining crystalline corruption takes time and is done like any other ore. Smashing urns will also yield a varying amount of coins, although the maximum gained is around 1,500 from each one.

However, if players break 5 urns in quick succession, players gain a buff in which they can break crystalline corruption quicker than they normally would by aiming a long blast in a line in front of them, which will cut down a row of crystals terminating in an AoE blast. The player can carry up to a maximum of 3 stacks of this buff by breaking more urns, but if they idle for longer than 21 seconds without breaking an urn, all of the stacks will be lost.

Smashing urns can cause the Menaphos cat Bestopet to appear. Mining corruption can also yield Corundum, one of the Jewels of the Elid, provided the player has the Menaphos journal.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Players have to run around the tomb as part of gameplay, so to minimise downtime between games or save time in a shifting tomb, players can use the salt-water spring at the Oo'glog spa facility or the Anachronia base camp spa for infinite run energy, or bring stamina potions, (super) energy potions, mint cakes, or either surefooted or greater surefooted aura for instant run energy restoration. Agile armour, boots of lightness, and other weight-reducing clothing will also help conserve run energy. Additionally, you can use the Endurance relic power for infinite run energy.

Players can wield an item with the Mobile perk for increased mobility, as Surge and Bladed Dive can be used in the tomb.

The earlier the player leaves the dungeon, providing that the player has 100% completion, the better the experience rewards will be.

A coordinated team will focus on retrieving and directing other players to chests as a team, as they must be physically claimed and will sometimes have skill requirements not met by some players, whereas sarcophagi are automatically claimed by all players once somebody opens it. This will minimise time wasted on unnecessary trips to opened sarcophagi.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Rewards for Shifting Tombs consist of reputation and either experience or coins. Rewards are obtained both throughout the Shifting Tomb itself, as well as after finishing a Shifting Tomb. The type of experience earned is determined by toggling statues and braziers inside the Shifting Tombs lobby. If however, all statues are toggled off, coins are awarded instead after finishing a shifting tomb.

The amount of coins earned after finishing a tomb is dependent of how many sarcophagi and chests were raided in total and how much corruption was obtained. The reward also scales with a player's level, although it is unknown which skills contribute. With level 99 in all main and side skills, along with the completion of all three objectives, players can typically gain 86,000-140,000 coins after each tomb.

Reputation is given as a function of time, at 1.7766 reputation per second, up to a maximum of 533 when leaving at 1 second left.[source needed] Some players choose to wait until the last few seconds to maximise reputation as reputation is gained based on the amount of time spent in Shifting Tombs. It is preferable to leave early, as a player can get more experience from smashing pots or mining crystallised corruption during the same time they would spend waiting at the exit, as they will be spending the same amount of time for every reputation point. E.g. it will take 5,000 seconds to gain 8,883 reputation, whether that is standing around at the exit or ending a tomb early and starting another, the same time is still required. Therefore, it is more beneficial to spend time gaining other experience within Shifting Tombs versus standing around for reputation.

When determining experience rewards a base value of experience is used, which is different for the different skills, and different for the different tiers. This value represents the experience earned when a Shifting Tomb is fully completed, if only that one of that type (primary or secondary) is selected. If multiple primary skills or multiple secondary skills are selected then the experience awarded in those skills is split proportionally. The table below contains the base values, experimentally verified.

You must safely exit the tombs in order to fully reap the rewards from your time there.

Skill level
Skill experience
Primary skills Secondary skills
Dungeoneering Agility Thieving Construction Crafting Runecrafting Prayer Divination
50+ 2,202 1,253 3,003 1,557 968 1,443 863 614
70+ 3,000 3,030 5,367 2,849 1,804 2,013 1,821 1,786
90+ 5,107 5,437 5,674 3,229 2,925 3,229 3,172 2,964

To illustrate, if a tier 70 tomb is attempted with Thieving, Runecrafting, and Crafting selected, Thieving receives 5,367 experience, Runecrafting receives 1,006 experience, and Crafting receives 902 experience.

If a Shifting Tomb is completed without selecting any primary skills, then coins are rewarded. If a Shifting Tomb is completed without selecting any secondary skills, then the secondary skill experience is entirely forfeit.

Players also have a chance of receiving (rewards are improved by wearing Luck of the Dwarves):

If a Shifting Tomb is successfully completed:

  1. ^ Chance to be received if the player is wearing at least a Ring of Fortune.

Loot from sarcophagi:

  1. ^ Only received when Het's brazier is enabled at the entrance of the Shifting Tombs.

Loot from treasure chests:

  1. ^ The number of feathers obtained is doubled at tier 5 Menaphos reputation with braziers and statues toggled off.
  2. ^ Only received when Het's brazier is enabled at the entrance of the Shifting Tombs.

Players can gain Elite skilling outfit fragments from opening woodcutting chests (Woodcutting) and breaking urns (Divination).

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 23 April 2019 (Update):
    • Opening times for the chests inside Shifting Tombs have been improved and you now fail less often.
  • ninja 9 April 2018 (Update):
    • It is now possible to change XP received from shifting tombs within the game.
  • patch 5 February 2018 (Update):
    • Players now have a chance to obtain a soul talisman from looting a sarcophagus in Shifting Tombs.
  • patch 24 July 2017 (Update):
    • Shifting Tombs now allows Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen to form groups and play the content. They cannot group with non-Ironman players.
  • patch 17 July 2017 (Update):
    • A rare issue where players weren't able to complete a Shifting Tomb due to an issue with a sarcophagus has been fixed.
  • patch 10 July 2017 (Update):
    • If a chest has been opened but not looted in a Shifting Tomb, the model has been changed to display loot inside the chest.
    • A new icon has been added to the minimap for opened sarcophagi in Shifting Tombs.
  • patch 3 July 2017 (Update):
    • Players can now right-click a tomb entrance for a list of locations to travel to.
  • patch 12 June 2017 (Update):
    • A buff icon has now been added to the Shifting Tombs that tracks the following:
      • Stacks of charge to use.
      • Timer until you lose your charges.
  • hotfix 12 June 2017 (Update):
    • An issue where players progress towards the 'A Game of Tombs' achievement would reset when a player hit 255 tombs completed has been fixed.
    • In solo Shifting Tombs, players will only receive a maximum of 3 sarcophagi to open, making the experience more solo-friendly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Quick travel interface prior to 3 July 2017
  • Prior to an update on 3 July 2017, players could right-click the entrance to the minigame, and open the quick travel interface in order to quickly travel to any district in Menaphos. The quick travel interface has been replaced with a right click interface serving mostly the same function.
    • Attempting to quick travel to the same entrance they were located at could render the interface useless, requiring it to be closed and reopened.
  • Players can find skilling pets[4], excluding the Dungeoneering pet, as well as strange and golden rocks in Shifting Tombs.

References[edit | edit source]

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