Transcript of Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav

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This transcript or section is incomplete and could do with improvement.
Reason: Some missing dialogue with Thessalia, and possibly Arrav (although main quest dialogue is complete)
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Storing the Heart[edit | edit source]

  • Arrav: The time has come to kick Zemouregal from his throne. You ready to topple this tyrant?
  • Accept Quest
  • Arrav: First, full disclosure: I don’t have a plan. I’m kind of relying on you. I’m still in a daze from getting control of my body back.
  • Player: I think I can help. I have something to confess. I might have stolen your heart in the past. You know, in an alternative dimension. In my world, I took it from a pedestal in Zemouregal’s base. I stored it in a canopic jar with dwellberries, sacred oil and a ring of life.
  • Arrav:
  • Player: Trust me, I’ve got this.
  • Arrav: I spaced out during the dimension-hopping bit, but the rest of the plan sounds good. Getting a canopic jar won’t be easy. They come from the desert, and Amascut has her apes patrolling Al-Kharid. The only chance we have is Ernie. He makes pottery on the top floor of the pottery store, east of Aubury’s Rune Shop. It’s in south-east Varrock. I would head there.
    • Where can I get a canopic jar?
      • Arrav: Ernie’s your man, as he has an odd obsession with pottery. Perhaps he could fashion a canopic jar? He’s on the top floor of the pottery store, east of Aubury’s Rune Shop. It’s in south-east Varrock.
    • Where can I get sacred oil?
      • Arrav: Sacred oil would need a sacred person. Unfortunately, they are as rare as party hats nowadays. The only person who comes close is Father Lawrence, in the church of Saradomin. He’s lost his faith in recent times, though.
    • Where can I get dwellberries?
      • Arrav: Dwellberries are a gnomish delicacy. I’ve never tasted them myself. Tell the truth, I haven't seen a gnome since Zemouregal attacked Ambassador Fernnook with a spoon.
    • Where can I get a ring of life?
      • Arrav: I haven’t done jewellery classes for years! If I remember, you’ll need a diamond ring, some runes and a splash of enchantment magic. A couple of shops have opened up that may help. Sani the smith sells gold ore, and Ulric the dwarf has access to a cache of gemstones.
    • Farewell.

Canopic Jar[edit | edit source]

  • Ernie: I see you looking for Ernie’s urns! You steal ‘em, Ernie steals your kidneys. Ernie promise!
  • Arrav said you might have a canopic jar.
  • Ernie: You come to right place! Ernie’s Urn Urnporium! You look lovely.
  • Player: Uh…thanks.
  • Ernie: Don’t worry – you urned it! Hehe! Ernie has one canopic jar from the desert that he’s licked clean. Ernie give it to you, yes yes. But first, Ernie needs One Small Favour from you...
  • After completing One Small Favour
  • Player: Ye gods, no! Not another One Small Favour…
  • Ernie: Hehe. It not a long quest. Promise. Hehe. To get canopic jar, Ernie want you to fill a cooking urn. Fill it with scraps when cooking. Undead beef is Ernie’s favorite. Kill zombie cows in the pen north-east of here. Kill kill kill! Then cook beef at range. Ernie like beef medium-rare. Yes? Yes.
  • Ernie gives you a cooking urn. It’s a little grubby.
  • After completing the urn
  • Ernie: Urn full of yummy! Ernie happy. You were good to Ernie. Ernie loved the urn. Yum yum.
  • Now will you give me the canopic jar?
  • Ernie: Ernie give you jar.
  • Ernie hands you an empty canopic jar.
    • Do you know where I can find dwellberries, sacred oil, or a ring of life?
      • Ernie: Too many questions for Ernie! Ernie got a head like a big empty urn. Let Ernie think. Nnnnggg. Dwellberries! Dwellberries come from gnomes, yes? Find gnome, find dwellberries. Nnnnnnng. Thinking hurt! Sacred oil is sacred. Only sacred place is the church, yes? Nnnnnnnnng! Ring of life? Wait – Ernie feeling a moment of clarity. A ring of life is a diamond ring, made from a gold bar and diamond in a furnace, and enchanted with the Level 4 Jewellery spell.
    • Thanks for the canopic jar.
      • Ernie: Ernie says you’re welcome.

Sacred Oil[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I was led to believe that you might have some sacred oil.
  • Father Lawrence: I remember the days when everything was blessed. Blessed lamps, blessed pots, even blessed spiders. I used to give blessed bubble baths as gifts at Wintumber. But, woe. Saradomin does not answer our prayers. He has abandoned us.
  • Player: Are you sure Saradomin has abandoned you? Where I come from, prayers are answered all the time. I could show you?
  • Father Lawrence: You can try, but it won’t do you any good. Pray while I read from the Book of Arrav.
  • Match prayers from your prayer book to the words of Father Lawrence.
  • Father Lawrence: ‘Arrav turned to Zemouregal, and said: The power of prayer gives me strength…’
  • Father Lawrence: Saradomin answered you! Onto the next passage: ‘…my faith is restored…’
  • Father Lawrence: Praise be! ‘…and under your watchful eye, Saradomin…’
  • Father Lawrence: Keep going, keep going! ‘…I shall be protected from beasts like Zemouregal…’
  • Father Lawrence: ‘…and he shall be crushed by our combined might!’
  • Father Lawrence: Blessed are we! It is a blazing, wondrous miracle! You have made me a born-again zombie!
  • Player: Now will you give me sacred oil?
  • Father Lawrence: For restoring my faith, it’s the least I can do.
  • Father Lawrence produces a vial of massage oil, intones a Saradominist prayer of consecration, and hands the sacred oil to you.

Breaching Security[edit | edit source]

  • Player: The canopic jar’s done! Arrav will want to see this.
  • Talking to Arrav
  • You show Arrav the prepared canopic jar.
  • Arrav: My heart fits in that? Fascinating! We need to take the canopic jar to my heart. The heart’s behind a key door, and you’ll need coloured mist to find the key. After the key door, there are beam traps and a decoder door. No big deal, really. So, first-trap-first: the coloured barrier. You’ll need orange and purple mist. Thessalia works with dyes – she might have something that can change their colour.
    • Where is your heart?
      • Arrav: Can’t you hear it beating above us? Go upstairs and you should see it behind some mist, traps, decoder doors: that sort of thing.
    • How do I get into the vault?
      • Arrav: First you’ll need to get past a purple barrier. Then there are beam traps that will chop you up before you can say ‘corned beef’. Then it’s a decoder door, so you’ll need a code and some decoder strips. There might be some hellhounds too – I can’t remember if Zemouregal got rid of them or not. Remember, magic protects my heart from decay. Place my heart in a canopy jar, or I’ll die.
    • How do I go through orange and purple barriers?
      • Arrav: Orange barriers need orange mist, and purple barriers need purple mist. Not sure where we’d get that colour of mist, though. Perhaps Thessalia the seamstress could dye them?
    • Are there any blue plants growing in the garden?
      • Arrav: Delphiniums are blue, but they don’t grow well in the presence of a bloodwood tree. Queen Ellamaria recently got hold of some delphinium seed. She’s sulking near the body of King Roald.
    • Farewell.

Thessalia[edit | edit source]

  • Thessalia: Clothing for sale! Though I wish I could give you a total makeover. You’re looking too life-like for my taste.
  • Arrav said you can make some dye.
  • Thessalia: Arrav, eh? Alright, I’ll help, but don’t tell Zemouregal. He’ll turn me into a common street-zombie. I can make yellow dye and blue dye. For yellow dye, I’ll need an onion. For blue dye I’ll need a delphinium flower. For either dye, I’ll also need a vial of water.
    • I have the ingredients to make yellow dye.
      • You hand the onion and vial to Thessalia. She produces a yellow bottle and hands it to you.
    • I have the ingredients to make blue dye.
      • You hand the delphinium flower and vial to Thessalia. She produces a blue bottle and hands it to you.

Ellamaria[edit | edit source]

  • Ellamaria: Ugh, Arrav is such a useless, sweaty oaf. Is it really so difficult to get me decent labourers? The common classes do fill one with exasperation. You! Impertinent peasant! Since my last gardener proved unsatisfactory, I hereby order you to assist me. We wish to grow varied and exotic plants in the palace garden. You can start by planting delphiniums… they’re a lovely corpse blue, don’t you think?
  • Queen Ellamaria rudely shoves some delphinium seeds into your hand.

Obtaining the Heart[edit | edit source]

  • You very, very carefully put the heart in the jar.
  • Player: I’m getting a sense of deja vu! I should return the heart to Arrav.

Returning the Heart[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Have a heart!
  • Arrav: At last! The curse that binds me to Zemouregal’s will is broken. Now, to have any hope of defeating Zemouregal, I must have my shield. Without my shield, Zemouregal could regain control and make me fight you, or worse.
  • Player: Then why don’t I wield the shield, and fight Zemouregal myself?
  • Arrav: Only I can benefit from the power of the shield. It was given to me centuries ago by the imcando dwarves. Not even Zemouregal has been able to unlock the shield’s power.
  • Player: Fine. I’ll grab the shield from the museum and return it to you.

Stealing the Shield[edit | edit source]

  • Orlando Smith (overhead): Impressive, ain't it? We found it east of Varrock. Reckon it's from the Second Age. Well, I'll leave you to it..
  • Orlando Smith (overhead): This one’s a bit stroppy. Well, can’t gawk at that all day. Back to work…

The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I believe this shield is yours. You’ll need Darklight if you want to face Zemouregal.
  • Arrav: I’m ready. There’s no point waiting any longer. You’ve given me everything I need to bring Zemouregal down. First, I would like to ask a favour. I want to be the one who fights Zemouregal. I know you will want to fight him yourself, but we must do this for ourselves. We’re thankful for what you’ve done – without you, we would never have this opportunity. But this is our fight.
  • Player: I understand. You deserve to be the one who kills him.
  • Arrav: Thank you. Please lead the way.

Fighting Shaeathteerk[edit | edit source]

  • Arrav: Get out of my way, garden ornament!
  • Sharathteerk: Great. So, I get to be the sub-boss, do I? Try not to hit the face. I got it lacquered yesterday.
  • Talking to Sharathteerk again
  • Sharathteerk: I’m not here to slow you down. I will win. Probably. I think.
  • After defeating Sharathteerk
  • Sharathteerk: Stop, Arrav! I hated that windbag as much as you do – I just… didn’t have the strength to stop him.
    • Spare Sharathteerk.
      • Arrav: I shall grant you the mercy that you denied me. You may go.
      • Sarathteerk: Arrav…I don’t know what to say. Don’t let him win, alright? Do this for New Varrock. He’s on the roof of the palace. And here…take this healing orb. It’ll give you strength for the battle ahead.
    • Kill Sharathteerk.
      • Arrav: I shall grant you peace in death. It’s more than New Varrock was given.
      • Sharathteerk: Arrav, you stupid oaf-
      • Arravs kills Sharathteerk
      • Arrav: Zemouregal, I am coming for you.

Tiny Zemouregal[edit | edit source]

  • If you spared Sharathteerk
  • If you killed Sharathteerk

Fighting Zemouregal[edit | edit source]

  • Arrav: Where are you hiding, necromancer? Fight me!
  • Zemouregal: Arrav…? I was hoping it would be that plucky adventurer. Did he/she not have the courage?
  • Arrav: Believe me, he/she has the courage to face you. But this is my world, my fight. We won’t bow down to you any more, Zemouregal.
  • After climbing up the steps
  • Arrav: I am no longer your puppet, Zemouregal. Player has returned my heart, and with it, my resolve to destroy you.
  • ZemouregAl: You think I don’t know that? I’ve watched every moment from my scrying pool. I’ve seen him/her scurry about the city, equipping you with sword and shield like you were a doll. You’re no hero, Arrav. You’re a professional failure. A joke in a helmet. But, if you’re desperate to be defeated, then so be it. Let’s start by turning your bones into peaches.
  • Zemouregal casts a spell at Arrav
  • Zemouregal: What? My magic…deflected by… The Shield! How are you managing to…? So you can power it. No matter! I have plenty of other tools at my disposal. Prepare to die, Defender of Varrock!

Peace at Last[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Arrav! Are you injured?
  • Arrav: This body is thousands of years old. Without Zemouregal’s magic to preserve me, I will soon crumble to dust.
    • Is there nothing I can do to save you?
      • Arrav: You’ve already saved me, my friend. I should have died long ago, but my mind was imprisoned in this lifeless husk. Now, my torment is over.
    • What of Zemouregal?
      • Arrav: The necromancer is dead. New Varrock…no, Varrock…is finally free.
    • What will happen to the other zombies?
      • Arrav: No fire burns forever. Enough energy remains in Zemouregal’s braziers for us to say our farewells to each other. We have been captives of rotten flesh for too long. We will finally be at peace.
    • I guess this is goodbye.
      • Arrav: You have done so much for us here. Remember what you have accomplished this day. You are truly a hero.
      • Player: As are you, Arrav.
      • Arrav falls on his knees
      • Player: Arrav?
      • Arrav dies
      • Player: Rest easy, Defender of Varrock.

Back in Real Varrock[edit | edit source]

Quest Complete (Curse of Arrav)
  • Player: My adventure in New Varrock is complete. I should return to Gypsy Aris.

Finishing[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Zemouregal is defeated and the people of New Varrock are at peace. Which is a good thing, obviously.
  • Gypsy Aris: Well done, hero of two worlds. I knew you would fulfill your destiny. You have accomplished great deeds – although only you and I will ever know. I cannot begin to imagine what a world ruled by Zemouregal must have been like. Hmmm, I wonder. If there’s an alternative reality where Zemouregal rules, there must be one where you rule. Let me close my eyes and connect with this world. I should be able to view it, if only for a moment… I see a just world, where evil is punished and the good are rewarded. There is little fear here.
  • You murdered [x] New Varrock citizens.
  • Gypsy Aris: The people rarely worry about money. They are taxed, but earn well enough to live well.
  • You stole from [x] New Varrock citizens.
Quest Complete (Dimension of Disaster)
  • Gypsy Aris: I have two services I can provide to you. Firstly, I have the power to reset your progress in the quest you have just completed. It will be as if your adventure had never begun. Not even I will recognize the great deed you have just accomplished. However, you will be able to return to New Varrock. Completing your journey anew will increase your understanding of the other world and your own nature. This journey of self-reflection will earn you silver pennies. With silver pennies you can purchase rewards from me, drawn from your memories of New Varrock. Choose wisely. Silver pennies are precious, and some rewards will only aid you in your journey through New Varrock.