Transcript of The Path of Glouphrie journal entry

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  • I have talked to Kng Bolren about the watcher he thinks is a pet.
  • I have found Golrie again in the caves beneath the Tree Gnome Village.
  • I talked to Golrie and he has told me to investigate his storeroom.
  • I have gained access to Golrie's strongroom and found Yewnock's anti-illusion device.
  • I have activated Yewnock's machine. King Bolren's watcher has been unmasked.
  • I have destroyed King Bolren's watcher.
  • King Bolren has told me about an explorer who is also looking for Arposandra.
  • Aluft Gianne jnr. has given me the sextant coordinates of Longramble.
  • I have found Longramble the explorer.
  • I have cleansed a tree using a crystal chime. I now have access to a new spirit tree!
  • I have discovered that, using a crystal chime, I can kill the warped creatures that live in the lair near the tar swamp.
  • I have defeated some very nasty warped terrorbirds.
  • I have also looked through a strange door to see some talking terrorbirds! They have pressed a red button.
  • I have been rescued from certain death by Hazelmere.