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The Gnome quest series is a series of quests centring around the race of gnomes. The main theme of these quests are traitors and enemies of the gnomes attempting to destroy them. The player fights to stop this. The storyline of the series varies greatly by quest, and two quest series can be distinguished. One is the Glough quest series, of which The Grand Tree and Monkey Madness are part. The other is the Glouphrie quest series (also sometimes called the Arposandra quest series). The Eyes of Glouphrie, The Path of Glouphrie and The Prisoner of Glouphrie are part of this. Tree Gnome Village doesn't belong to either storyline, but is still a gnome quest.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

King Bolren chathead.png Tree Gnome Village[edit | edit source]

Tree Gnome Village Orb Ceremony.png
The tree gnomes are in trouble. General Khazard's forces are hunting them to extinction.

Find your way through the hedge maze to the gnomes secret treetop village. Then help the gnomes fight Khazard and retrieve the orbs of protection.

The Grand Tree icon.png The Grand Tree[edit | edit source]

The Grand Tree.png
The Grand Tree, which shelters the majority of the small gnome population of RuneScape, is dying. Is it human sabotage or an inside job? Help King Shareen to find the true cause and save the tree gnomes from an uncertain fate.

Monkey Madness icon.png Monkey Madness[edit | edit source]

Monkey Madness.png
The King of the Northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommissioning of the Gnome owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they have been deemed missing in action. It will be up to you, should you decide to help, to find out what fate befell the 10th squad and if possible, track them down. If only it were so simple. Sinister forces have begun to spread through the Gnome hierarchy and threaten to unleash an unknown terror upon the world. Far across the land, the fires of vengeance are being stoked once again. Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you separate the truth from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?

The Eyes of Glouphrie icon.png The Eyes of Glouphrie[edit | edit source]

The Eyes of Glouphrie.png
After you foiled a plan to destroy the Grand Tree things have been quiet in the gnome world. Brimstail has found a strange machine, built by Oaknock the Engineer, during the gnomes' Golden Age. What does the weird device do? Why on RuneScape was it built?

If you agree to help this gnome get his confusing device working, you will learn a little about gnome magicks, gnome history, and you will start to uncover a new threat (or is it an old one?) to gnome security - a threat that is a lot harder to see...

The Path of Glouphrie icon.png The Path of Glouphrie[edit | edit source]

The Path of Glouphrie.png
King Bolren has a new pet. Unfortunately, it's another watcher, like the ones unmasked in the Tree Gnome Stronghold during The Eyes of Glouphrie. Has Glouphrie been watching the Tree Gnome Village, too? If you investigate further you'll find out more about Glouphrie, the history of the gnomes (and their unusual monarchy) and maybe you'll get within a hair's breadth of the lost city of Arposandra...

The Prisoner of Glouphrie icon.png The Prisoner of Glouphrie[edit | edit source]

The Prisoner of Glouphrie.png
An old letter is found in a disorderly storeroom, leading you to Lletya in the company of a gnome mother, using a path that no human - and only one gnome - has ever trodden before.

Be introduced to Yewnock's most ingenious calibration device to date, and gain a unique insight into life within underground Arposandra, as you investigate the fate of the prisoner of Glouphrie!

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Tree Gnome Village[edit | edit source]

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The Grand Tree[edit | edit source]

Monkey Madness[edit | edit source]

The Eyes of Glouphrie[edit | edit source]

The Path of Glouphrie[edit | edit source]

The Prisoner of Glouphrie[edit | edit source]