Transcript of Land of the Goblins journal entry

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  • I talked to Grubfoot.
  • I took Grubfoot into the city to speak to Zanik and Oldak. He told us that he had a vision about Yu'biusk, the fabled goblin homeland.
  • Grubfoot told us about a secret goblin temple sunk into the Plain of Mud. The priests there might know the location of Yu'biusk.
  • Oldak teleported me and Zanik to the secret goblin temple.
  • Zanik went into the secret goblin temple, but the guards would not let me in.
  • The Makeover Mage told me how to make a goblin transmogrification potion out of toadflax and pharmakos berries.
  • using the goblin transmogrification potion, I entered the secret goblin temple.
  • My goblin name is Goblin name.
  • Aggie told me how I can strip goblin armour of dye and make it white.
  • I found Zanik in a prison cell in the temple.
  • I rescued Zanik and she returned to Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • I have passed the high priest's test.
  • The high priest told me that his predecessor, Snothead, might know the location of Yu'biusk. Snothead is dead, but I can talk to him if I can get into the temple crypt.
  • I have unlocked the door to the secret temple's crypt.
  • Snothead told me about his predecessor, Snailfeet.
  • Snailfeet told me about his predecessor, Mosschin.
  • Mosschin told me about his predecessor, Redeyes.
  • Redeyes told me about his predecessor, Strongbones.
  • Strongbones told me that Yu'biusk is another plane of existence, and that if the barriers between the planes were ever broken, goblin blood would call out and open a portal there.
  • I told Zanik and Oldak what I had learned about Yu'biusk. Oldak said that he could break the barriers between the planes using the fairy ring to the south of Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • We opened a portal to Yu'biusk, but found that it had been devastated by a terrible war.
  • Zanik opened a strange box, was surrounded by a bright light and disappeared.
  • Oldak and I left Yu'biusk just before the portal closed. I don't know what became of Zanik.