RuneScape Parcel Delivery Team

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East Ardougne branch location

The RPDT (RuneScape Parcel Delivery Team) is an organisation that specialises in delivering things. According to Wizard Cromperty, their motto is "We aim to deliver your stuff at some point after you have paid us".

It is the only known postal service in RuneScape. It has a branch located in East Ardougne, south of the eastern bank, scattered with boxes. Unfortunately, their employees are extremely inefficient, as they forget to deliver a lot of their packages.

The RPDT branch in East Ardougne plays a minor role in two quests. In Tribal Totem, players need to switch the labels on Wizard Cromperty's teleport block and Lord Handelmort's parcel. During Back to my Roots, players need to open the smelly package on the mail table.

The RPDT also created the Portal Postal Services to deliver mail sent to and from portals found on Gielinor. The player helps deliver letters stuck in the Land of Snow during Violet is Blue Too.

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