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This article is about the wizard whom Sandy murdered. For the sailor involved in Dragon Slayer, see Klarense.
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Clarence was a wizard, considered to be the most able student of the Wizards' Guild,[1] and Zavistic Rarve's apprentice.[2] He was hired by the sand entrepreneur Sandy sometime in Novtumber 168 to cast a spell on the sandman Bert.[3] However, three months later he got nervous and wanted out, and threatened to go to the authorities.[4][5] Sandy then murdered him, dismembering his corpse and hiding his head and hand in sand,[6] which eventually ended up in the sandpits of Yanille and Entrana, where they were eventually found by Bert and Mazion.[7] His other hand ended up in a smelly package in the RPDT office in East Ardougne, while the rest of his body ended up in the jade vine maze. An adventurer managed to retrieve most of his body, only missing his foot, which was never found. He was buried in the ground surrounding the Wizards' Guild.

He hadn't earned his sixth magic level yet and was a member of the New Order Occult Bookists, a society within the Wizards' Guild.

References[edit | edit source]

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