Portal Postal Services

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The Portal Postal Services, also known as the P.P.S.,[1] is a company formed by the RuneScape Parcel Delivery Team to deliver letters sent to and from various portals found on Gielinor.[2]

Every portal has a designated employee of the RPDT assigned to it. The only known employee is Postie Pete, who serves the portal leading to the Land of Snow.[2] The player helps deliver letters stuck in the Land of Snow during Violet is Blue Too.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Postie Pete, "Violet is Blue Too", RuneScape. "Ever since we opened the P.P.S, delivering letters has become an absolute nightmare."
  2. ^ a b Postie Pete, "Violet is Blue Too", RuneScape. "The Portal Postal Services... [the] Concept is simple really, each world has a postal service employee such as myself. They gather the letters and then pop them through a designated portal."