Transcript of Back to my Roots journal entry

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  • I have spoken to Wizard Cromperty and found out about his missing parcel.
  • I have spoken to an R.P.D.T. worker.
  • I have returned the R.P.D.T. to normal - parcels will now be delivered
  • I also acquired a severed wizards hand.
  • I found out about Wizard Cromperty's special preservation magic - a sealed pot.
  • I have spoken to Garth the farmer about root cuttings and getting to the roots of the Jade Vine which is located east of Shilo Village.
  • My potted cutting took successfully and I sealed it in the airtight pot.
  • I returned the cutting to Horacio.
  • I agreed to grow the cutting for Horacio in the prepared patch at Handelmort Mansion.
  • Horacio asked me to kill the wild vine.
  • I have found out how to care for my own Jade Vine.
  • I can now grow my own Jade Vine in the patch outside Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne. If I ever lose the seed or need help with it, Horacio will help.