Transcript of Tribal Totem

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This transcript involves dialogue with Kangai Mau, Horacio, Wizard Cromperty, RPDT employee, and the player.

Starting out[edit | edit source]

  • Kangai Mau: Hello. I Kangai Mau of the Rantuki tribe.
    • Player: And what are you doing here in Brimhaven?
      • Kangai Mau: I'm looking for someone brave to go on important mission. Someone skilled in thievery and sneaking about. I am told I can find such people in Brimhaven.
        • Player: Yep. I have heard there are many of that type here.
        • Kangai Mau: Let's hope I find them.
    • Player: I'm in search of adventure!
      • Kangai Mau: Adventure is something I may be able to give. I need someone to go on a mission to the city of Ardougne. There you will find the house of Lord Handlemort. In his house he has our tribal totem. We need it back.
        • Player: Why does he have it?
        • Kangai Mau: Lord Handlemort is an Ardougnese explorer which means he think he have the right to come to my tribal home, steal our stuff and put in his private museum.
        • Player: How can I find Handlemoret's house? Ardougne IS a big place...
          • Kangai Mau: I don't know Ardougne. You tell me.
        • Player: Ok, I will get it back.
          • Kangai Mau: Best of luck with that adventurer.
    • Player: Who are the Rantuki tribe?
      • Kangai Mau: A proud and noble tribe of Karamja. But now we are few, as men come from across, steal our land, and settle on our hunting grounds.
  • --------------------
  • Kangai Mau: Have you got our totem back?
  • Player: No, it's not that easy.
  • Kangai Mau: Bah, you no good.

Horacio[edit | edit source]

  • Horacio: It's a fine day to be out in a garden, isn't it?
    • Player: Yes. It's very nice.
      • Horacio: Days like these make me glad to be alive!
    • Player: So... who are you?
      • Horacio: My name is Horacio Dobson. I'm a gardener to Lord Handlemort. Take a look around this beautiful garden, all of this is my handiwork.
        • Player: So... do you garden round the back, too?
          • Horacio: That I do!
          • Player: Doesn't all of the security around the house get in your way then?
          • Horacio: Ah. I'm used to all that. I have my keys, the guard dogs know me, and I know the combination to the door lock. It's rather easy, it's his middle name.
          • Player: Whose middle name?
          • Horacio: Hum. I probably shouldn't have said that. Forget I mentioned it.
        • Player: Do you need any help?
          • Horacio: Trying to muscle in on my job, eh? I'm more than happy to do this all by myself!

Wizard Cromperty[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Cromperty: Hello Player, I'm Cromperty. Sedridor has told me about you. As a wizard and an inventor, he has aided me in my great invention!
    • Player: Two jobs? That's got to be tough.
      • Wizard Cromperty: Not when you combine them it isn't! Invent MAGIC things!
    • Player: So, what have you invented?
      • Wizard Cromperty: Ah! My latest invention is my patent pending teleportation block! It emits a low level magical signal, that will allow me to locate it anywhere in the world, and teleport anything directly to it! I hope to revolutionize the entire teleportation system! Don't you think I'm great? Uh, I mean it's great?
    • Player: So where is the other block?
      • Wizard Cromperty: Well...Hmm. I would guess somewhere between here and the Wizards' Tower in Misthalin. All I know is that it hasn't got there yet as the wizards there would have contacted me. I'm using the RPDT for delivery. They assured me it would be delivered promptly.
      • Player: Who are the RPDT?
      • Wizard Cromperty: The Runescape Parcel Delivery Team. They come very highly recommended. Their motto is: "We aim to deliver your stuff at some point after you have paid us!"

RPDT[edit | edit source]

Searching the crates
  • There is a label on this crate: Senior Patents Clerk, Chamber of Invention, The Wizards' Tower, Misthalin. The crate is securely fastened shut and ready for delivery.
  • There is a label on this crate: To Lord Handlemort. Handlemort Mansion, Ardougne. You carefully peel it off and take it.
Using address label on crate
  • You carefully place the delivery address label over the existing label, covering it completely.
  • Player: Now I just need someone to deliver it for me.
  • --------------------
  • RPDT Employee: Welcome to R.P.D.T.!
  • Player: So, when are you going to deliver this crate?
  • RPDT Employee: Well...I guess we could do it now...

Inside the Mansion[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Can I be teleported please?
  • Wizard Cromperty: By all means! I'm afraid I can't give you any specifics as to where you will come out however. Presumably wherever the other block is located.
  • Player: Yes, that sounds good. Teleport me!
  • Wizard Cromperty: Okey dokey! Ready? Dipsolum sentento sententi!
  • --------------------
Investigating the stairs
  • Your trained senses as a thief enable you to see that there is a trap in these stairs. You make a note of its location for future reference when using these stairs.
Searching chest
  • Inside the chest you find the tribal totem.

Finishing[edit | edit source]

  • Kangai Mau: Have you got our totem back?
  • Player: Yes I have.
  • Kangai Mau: You have??? Many thanks brave adventurer! Here, have some freshly cooked Karamjan fish, caught specially by my tribe.
  • You hand over the Tribal Totem.
Quest Complete