Transcript of King of the Dwarves

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Before quest start[edit | edit source]

  • Lava-flow miner Sven: Are you interested in dwarven mining? If you're an experienced miner, you might appreciate a tour of the Lava Flow Mine.
  • Player: I'd like the tour.
    • Lava-flow miner Sven: Alright, are you ready now?
  • Player: What's the Lava Flow Mine?
    • Lava-flow miner Sven: It's where the city gets most of its power. We've tapped into a magma vent, and we use its heat to power the steam machinery that runs the mine carts.

During the lava flow mine tour[edit | edit source]

  • Foreman Jack: It's magnificent isn't it? Just ... magnificent! All the mining companies pooled together to build this place. If you ever needed proof that the Consortium is good for Keldagrim, this is it.
  • A chaos dwarf appears.
  • Foreman Jack: Wait, who's that? Hey! You there! You can't be in here without authorization!
  • The chaos dwarf explodes.
  • Foreman Jack: This is awful! Just ... awful! Sven! Quick, run to the palace and tell the Consortium what's happened. Human, please help us! We need to free those miners!

During the rescue effort[edit | edit source]

After discovering the first miner:

  • Miner: Thank Guthix you're here, human. I can't walk... I think my legs are broken. if you carry me back to the foreman, I'll be okay.

After bringing the first miner back to Foreman Jack:

  • Foreman Jack: You're alive!
  • Miner: I'll live, thanks to this human.
  • Foreman Jack: hank you, human! I'll look after the wounded if you just bring them to me.

After discovering the second miner:

  • Miner: Where did you ...? Never mind, I'm just glad you're here. Get me to the foreman an I'll be fine.

After bringing the second miner back to Foreman Jack:

  • Foreman Jack: Are you alright?
  • Miner: I'm ... I'm fine, I think... Just get everyone else out...please.
  • Black guards appear
  • Foreman Jack: Thank Guthix you're here! There are still miners trapped! Hey! Where are you going?
  • Black Guard: Our orders are to get the machines working first. I'm sorry.
  • Foreman Jack: This is just ...

After discovering the third miner:

  • Miner: Ugggh... thank you, human. I think I'm going to pass out now...

After discovering the fourth miner:

  • This miner is unconscious, but still breathing.

After discovering the fifth miner:

  • This miner died of her wounds before you could reach her. You pick up her body.
  • Foreman Jack: She's dead! Great Guthix. Please, human, there's one more miner. They might still be alive.

After discovering the sixth miner:

  • This miner died of his wounds before you could reach him. You pick up his body.
  • Foreman Jack: Another one dead. This is awful. Just ... just awful. It's not your fault, human. I know you did all you could. You should go now. I'll look after the wounded and make sure the ... others get a proper burial.

Outside of the Lava mine[edit | edit source]

  • Protester: Down with the Consortium! Murderers! Consortium murders!
  • Veldaban: Player! Over here!
  • Veldaban: What are you doing here? No, never mind that. I heard there was a chaos dwarf attack. Was anyone hurt?
  • Player: I tried to save the miners, but I wasn't fast enough.
  • Veldaban: I saw a Black Guard hazard squad go in here. Weren't they able to rescue the miners?
  • Player: The Black Guard left the miners to die!
  • Veldaban: What? Lieutenant Brae's in charge of the Black Guard now. She wouldn't leave people to die!
    • Player: The guards said their orders were to fix the machinery.
      • Veldaban: Orders from the Consortium!
      • (Same as below)
    • Player: They walked right past the dying miners!
      • Veldaban: Lieutenant Brae isn't like that, I'm sure.
      • Veldaban: They must have had orders from the Consortium. I know the Consortium put profits ahead of people's lives, but they've never done it this blatantly! Well, this time the game's changed. When word spreads about this, I think we could be looking at a full-scale revolt.
      • Black Guard: Veldaban? You're under arrest on suspicion of involvement with the attack.
      • Veldaban: What? That's absurd!
        • Player: What makes you think Veldaban was involved?
          • Black Guard: Veldaban's been inciting violence against the Consortium. The company directors want him investigated. If you think he wasn't involved, you can come to the palace and defend him.
          • Veldaban: I'll go quietly, player, if you want to help me, come to the meeting room at the top of the palace and convince them I wasn't responsible.
        • Player: It was a chaos dwarf!
          • Black Guard: If you saw something, you should come to the palace and tell the company directors. Maybe you'll be able to get your friend off the hook.
        • Player: You'll take Veldaban over my dead body!
          • Veldaban: Don't, player! I'll go quietly. If you want to help me, come to the meeting room at the top of the palace and convince them I wasn't responsible.

Proving Veldaban's Innocence[edit | edit source]

Under Pressure[edit | edit source]

  • Green Gemstone director: We murdered two miners in order to get a machine running! How do we spin that?
  • Brown Engine director: We had to do it. Didn't we? If we hadn't, then ...
  • Blue Opal director: Of course we had to do it! We shouldn't need to spin this at all. If people just understood how the machines work!
  • Yellow Fortune director: They don't understand how the machines work, and they're hardly in the mood to learn! That's what you wanted, isn't it, Veldaban? You forced us to make this choice so that we look like murders.
  • Veldaban: What are you talking about? I had nothing to do with it!
  • Green Gemstone director: And what do you want, human? Can't you see we're busy?
  • Veldaban: Player! Tell these maniacs to let me go!

Veldaban[edit | edit source]

  • Veldaban: Yes, what?
    • Player: What do I need to do?
      • Veldaban: Convince the company leaders to let me go!
      • Veldaban: Talk to the company leaders. You'll have to get each of them on our side.
      • Veldaban: The leaders all care about different things, so you'll need to take a different approach with each of them.
      • Veldaban: Even if you think you've got one to agree with you, they might change their mind again if you say the wrong thing.
      • Veldaban: Once you've talked to all of the leaders, talk to the general secretary.
    • Player: Why did they arrest you?
      • Veldaban: Because they can't take criticism!
      • Veldaban: I've been speaking out against the Consortium. I've been telling people the truth! The Consortium happily let people die as long as they keep making money. There are a lot of people that agree with me.
      • Veldaban: Now I've been proved right. There's an explosion in the Lava Flow Mine, and what do the companies do? Do they save the miners' lives? No! They fix the machine to keep their profits rolling in.
      • Veldaban: But because I've been criticising the Consortium, they think I was involved in the attack!
    • Player: Why are you so angry?
      • Veldaban: They let those miners die in order to save their machine! It's never been so blatant: the Consortium doesn't care about people, only profits.
        • Player: It's more complicated than that.
          • Veldaban: Oh, shut up.
        • Player: You should try to calm down.
          • Veldaban: Gah! Alright, I'll try, if you think it'll help.
    • Player: Goodbye.

Yellow Fortune Director[edit | edit source]

  • Yellow Fortune director: I said this would happen. We saved the city, but we look like murderers.
    • Player: Why did you arrest Veldaban?
      • Yellow Fortune director: We can hardly arrest the chaos dwarf. The Consortium must be seen to be taking action! Plus, Veldaban is a focus of anti-Consortium feeling. Getting him off the streets might slow the revolt down.
        • Player: Veldaban's popular. Arresting him makes you look worse.
          • Yellow Fortune director: He's a rabble-rouser. He's been stirring up feelings against the Consortium ever since he resigned from the Black Guard. But perhaps you're right. Arresting him could do more harm than good. If you promise to keep him under control then I think we should let him go.
        • Player: You mean you don't think Veldaban was involved?
          • Yellow Fortune director: Personally, I don't think so, but that's not the point. What matters now is public perception, nothing else.
        • Player: Is it even legal for you to hold Veldaban?
          • Yellow Fortune director: Don't be so naive. You know what the law is in Keldagrim? The Consortium can do what it likes, that's whatt the law is.
    • Player: Tell me about the Lava Flow Mine.
      • Yellow Fortune director: It's a symbol of Keldagrim's technological prowess.
    • Player: What did you want to do about the miners?
      • Yellow Fortune director: I voted to save the miners! And these other fools would have, too, if they weren't so out of touch!
      • Yellow Fortune director: I understand the argument that getting the machine running was more important, but we could never sell that to the mob outside. That's what's important now.
    • Player: I was there when the explosion happened.
      • Yellow Fortune director: Yes, I know - and it doesn't put you in a good light, does it? You'd be under arrest along with Veldaban, if I was sure it wouldn't cause a diplomatic incident with the human lands.
    • Player: Goodbye.

Brown Engine Director[edit | edit source]

  • Brown Engine director: Sometimes I wish I'd never become a company director. I wish I hadn't had to make that decision. Those miners are dead and we could have saved them... but we had to do what we did.
    • Player: Why did you arrest Veldaban?
      • Brown Engine director: It was the Yellow Fortune director's idea. We have to manage public opinion, and Veldaban was having a negative effect on it.
    • Player: Tell me about the Lava Flow Mine.
      • Brown Engine director: The Blue Opal director is the expert. You should ask him if you have any technical questions.
    • Player: What did you want to do about the miners?
      • Brown Engine director: I voted to save the machines. I mean we had to, didn't we? It's like the Blue Opal director says. More people would have died if we'd saved the miners instead. We did the right thing, didn't we?
        • Player: You made the right choice.
          • Brown Engine director: How can you say that so casually? You're as heartless as the other directors.
        • Player: It was a difficult decision. I understand.
          • Brown Engine director: Thank you, human. At least someone is prepared to be sensitive about this, rather than shouting. Listen, there's no point in keeping Veldaban detained. We don't have anything on him. I say we should let him go.
        • Player: You killed those miners. You're a monster.
          • Brown Engine director: I know...
          • Brown Engine director: No, can't take that tone with me! I'm a company director!
    • Player: I was there when the explosion happened.
      • Brown Engine director: I guess you saw first-hand what we did, then.
    • Player: Goodbye.

Blue Opal Director[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Opal director: Idiots! Sentimental, soft-minded fools!
  • Blue Opal director: We saved hundreds of lives. We did the right thing. If those people outside would listen for five minutes they'd understand.
    • Player: Why did you arrest Veldaban?
      • Blue Opal director: What? Oh, yes, him. You should talk to the Yellow Fortune director about that.
    • Player: Tell me about the Lava Flow Mine.
      • Blue Opal director: Finally! Someone interested in the details of the problem!
      • Blue Opal director: The lava comes from the sub-Barendir magma vent. Lava is siphoned off and runs along channels.
      • Blue Opal director: Heat rising from the lava heats water in the primary boilers suspended over the lava channels.
      • Blue Opal director: The resulting steam is channeled into the seven secondary boilers in the centre of the mine.
      • Blue Opal director: From there, it's pushed through distribution vents to the various machines around Keldagrim. The mine carts, the Blast Furnace, and so forth. Everything relies on those distribution vents.
        • Player: So the chaos dwarf blew up the primary boilers?
          • Blue Opal director: No, no, no! It wouldn't have been able to get close enough to them. They're suspended over the lava!
        • Player: So the chaos dwarf blew up the secondary boilers?
          • Blue Opal director: Yes! At least you're paying attention, not like these other idiots.
          • Blue Opal director: Listen, you're clearly smarter than most of the mob out there. You're certainly smarter than some of these idiots on the Consortium.
          • Blue Opal director: If you want us to release Veldaban into your care, that's what I'll recommend we do.
        • Player: So the chaos dwarf blew up the distribution vents?
          • Blue Opal director: Don't be stupid! The distribution vents run throughout the whole city. No single explosion could damage them all.
    • Player: What did you want to do about the miners?
      • Blue Opal director: I voted to repair the mine machinery, and you would have too if you understood how machines worked.
      • Blue Opal director: If the power was down for more than a few minutes, it would go into complete shutdown and we wouldn't get it back up for days.
      • Blue Opal director: The mine carts would stop running. We wouldn't be able to bring in food. People would starve.
      • Blue Opal director: We couldn't afford to be sentimental. We had to let a couple of miners die in order to save hundreds of people.
    • Player: I was there when the explosion happened.
      • Blue Opal director: Then you would appreciate how bad the damage was and how important it was that we fix it right away!
    • Player: Goodbye.

Green Gemstone Director[edit | edit source]

  • Green Gemstone director: Yes, what do you want, human? Are you here to gawp at how dwarves care more about money than life? It's a good day for that.
    • Player: Why did you arrest Veldaban?
      • Green Gemstone director: Veldaban's a known agitator against the Consortium. He's accused us of being in league with the Red Axe.
      • Green Gemstone director: I don't know if a trial will find him responsible for the attack, but we've got to keep him under guard until the crowd has died down.
    • Player: Tell me about the Lava Flow Mine.
      • Green Gemstone director: It's the single most important piece of machinery in Keldagrim, and I'm not going to tell its operational details to an outsider!
    • Player: What did you want to do about the miners?
      • Green Gemstone director: I voted to save the miners! Not everyone around this table is a murderer, despite what you and Veldaban might think.
    • Player: I was there when the explosion happened.
      • Green Gemstone director: Really? What happened?
        • Player: It was a chaos dwarf.
          • Green Gemstone director: Yes, that's what we heard.
        • Player: I saw the Black Guards abandon the miners.
          • Green Gemstone director: I know! We ordered them to. Alright? The Consortium has blood on its hands. You don't need to remind me.
        • Player: I rescued some of the miners.
          • Green Gemstone director: Oh, thank Guthix. I wish more dwarves were like you.
          • Green Gemstone director: Look, I know you and Veldaban are allies. If you're both prepared to help us like that, then maybe we shouldn't get in your way.
    • Player: Goodbye.

The Verdict[edit | edit source]

  • Consortium general secretary: The Consortium's first item of business is to decide how to deal with Mr. Veldaban.
  • Consortium general secretary: This is not a formal vote, the leaders are attempting to reach a consensus decision. It appears to be taking some time.
  • Consortium general secretary: I suggest you speak to each of the company directors before they pronounce judgement.
    • Player: I've talked to everyone I need to.
      • Consortium general secretary: Very well. I believe the Consortium is ready to pronounce judgement. Sirs, ma'am, have you reached a decision about the prisoner?
      • If the correct options from previous conversations with the directors were chosen.
        • Green Gemstone director: The human rescued some of the miners, which is more than anyone else here can say. If he will vouch for Veldaban, then I say we should let him go.
        • Yellow Fortune director: As much as we don't like him, Veldaban's a popular figure with the people. Keeping him locked up might do more harm than good. We should let him go.
        • Blue Opal director: If we keep Veldaban under arrest we'll just find a way to bungle the situation further. If we let him go, maybe he and this human can help us.
        • Brown Engine director: We've done enough that's questionable today. We shouldn't add wrongful arrest. We should let Veldaban go.
        • If you told Veldaban to calm down
          • Veldaban: Thank you. I... humbly accept your judgement.
        • If you did not tell Veldaban to calm down
          • Veldaban: You stuck-up cave pigs! You had no right to keep me in the first place!
          • Green Gemstone director: If that's your attitude then I retract my decision.
          • Yellow Fortune director: As do I. We can't have Veldaban spreading that sort of talk about the Consortium. We need to keep him until he's calmed down.
          • Consortium general secretary: Thank you. Veldaban will remain here for now.
          • (dialogue follows as below if you chose the wrong dialogue options with the company directors)
        • Consortium general secretary: Thank you. The matter is concluded. Veldaban, you are free to go with this human.
        • Veldaban: Come on, [Player]. Let's get out of here.
        • Black Guard: S-sirs! Ma'am! Please forgive my interruption...
        • Blue Opal director: For Guthix's sake! What is it now?
        • Black Guard: Chaos dwarves! Our scouts have spotted a chaos dwarf army in the Barendir caverns.
        • Veldaban: On, no... not Barendir, not again...
        • Green Gemstone director: Have Colonel Grenda send the First Division to guard the caverns. Quickly!
        • Black Guard: There's something else.
        • Black Guard: There's a crowd outside the palace, at the east door. They're gathered around someone, he's making a speech.
        • Brown Engine director: We can't put down a revolt at the same time as repelling a chaos dwarf invasion! We're doomed!
        • Yellow Fortune director: Who's the crowd's ringleader? Veldaban is still here.
        • Black Guard: It's Hreidmar, the old head of the Red Axe. He's saying something about a king.
        • Yellow Fortune director: Oh, Guthix. The Monarchists...
        • Blue Opal director: Veldaban, you're free to go. Get out of here.
        • Green Gemstone director: Veldaban, human, please... If there's anything you can do to calm that crowd outside down, please help us.
      • If the incorrect options from previous conversations with the directors were chosen.
      • N.B. the same dialogue follows regardless of which 2 incorrect options were chosen in the previous conversations with the directors.
        • Green Gemstone director: If we let Veldaban go he'll portray us as monsters. We've got to keep him away from the crowds until we've got things under control.
        • Yellow Fortune director: Veldaban is a focus of anti-Consortium feeling. We should keep him away from the crowds for now.
        • Blue Opal director: Veldaban and this human are clearly as stupid as some of you. We don't want them running around causing further harm. I say we keep Veldaban here.
        • Brown Engine director: We can't risk letting Veldaban go. We've got to keep him for the moment.
          • If you told Veldaban to calm down
            • Veldaban: You stuck-up... I mean, with respect, I urge you to reconsider.
          • If you did not tell Veldaban to calm down
            • Veldaban You stuck-up sons of trolls! You've no right to keep me here!
            • Veldaban By the eyeballs of Guthix, I swear there will be a reckoning. The Age of the Consortium is coming to an end!
        • Consortium general secretary: Thank you. Veldaban will remain here for now.
        • Green Gemstone director: We still have to decide what to do with him. We need to discuss this further.
        • Veldaban: Talk to them again, [player]! There's still time to change their minds.
    • Player: Why are only four directors here?
      • Consortium general secretary: This is an emergency meeting of the Consortium. Some of the directors elected to stay near the trade floor to handle the economic repercussions of this crisis.
    • Player: Who are you, anyway?
      • Consortium general secretary: I am the Consortium's general secretary. I am not connected with any one company, but am employed by the Consortium as a whole to help with administrative tasks.
    • Player: I'll go and talk to them.

Dialogue with Veldaban after his release[edit | edit source]

  • Veldaban We should see what's happening in the crowd outside the palace.
    • Player Have you really been agitating against the Consortium?
      • Veldaban I never wanted to be a leader, [player]. I'm just trying to tell people the truth about what happened last time we worked together.
      • Veldaban There's a lot of resentment out there about the Consortium. It's even stronger than I realised when I was head of the Keldagrim Black Guard.
      • Veldaban I was already a public figure, so I think I've become a focus for all that resentment - the figurehead, you might say. So much so that the Consortium hauls me off the street as soon as there's any kind of attack.
    • Player Aren't you more worried about the chaos dwarves?
      • Veldaban We don't need to go near Barendir, [player].
      • Veldaban I...I trust Colonel Grenda to take care of that. Keldagrim's defences are solid.
      • Veldaban We should worry about the threat from within.
    • Player I have to do something else.
      • Veldaban I'll be in the Laughing Miner.
    • Player Never mind.

Lava-flow miner Sven[edit | edit source]

  • Lava-flow miner Sven I don't think you can get down into the mine at the moment, human.
    • Player Did the wounded miners recover?
      • Lava-flow miner Sven It's too early to say. Two of them look like they'll survive, but another two are in critical condition. Check back later and we might know.
    • Player Is the mine up and running again?
      • Lava-flow miner Sven If it wasn't, we wouldn't be standing here. Everything in the city relies on it - heat, water circulation, even clean air.
      • Lava-flow miner Sven The central boilers have been breaking more often since the incident, but we've been keeping on top of the repairs.
    • Player Tell me more about the Lava Flow Mine.
      • Lava-flow miner Sven It's where the city gets most of its power. We've tapped into a magma vent, and we use its heat to power the steam machinery that runs the mine carts.
      • Lava-flow miner Sven The mine's been running for nearly a hundred years. The Consortium had it built to provide power to all the city's new industries.
    • Player Goodbye.

Only a King[edit | edit source]

Hreidmar's Speech[edit | edit source]

  • Hreidmar: The Consortium government is both corrupt and incompetent! The incident in the Lava Flow Mine proves that!
  • Hreidmar: Even now, a chaos dwarf army stand poised to attack the city! Only a strong leader can keep us safe from this menace!
  • Hreidmar: Our ancestors knew this would happen. Remember the Azdaran Fragment! The oldest document in our city's history.
  • Hreidmar: 'No band of petty councillors can preserve this city through its darkest days – only a king.'
  • Crowd: Only a king! Only a king!
  • Hreidmar: The Age of the Consortium has failed us! It is time to go back to the Golden Age! The Age of Kings!
  • Hreidmar: All I ask... All I ask us that the Consortium open the sealed records chamber. The family trees in there will show us who is the most direct descendant of King Alvis.
  • Hreidmar: Only the rightful King of Keldagrim can save the city now. Only a king!
  • Crowd: Only a king! Only a king!
  • Veldaban: He's got them eating out of his hand.
  • Veldaban: Listen, I know someone who might be able to help us: Meike, the leader of the Monarchist Society. We should find her. Maybe someone in the crowd knows where she is.
Talking to a protestor
  • Protestor [1]: Only a king! Only a king!
    • Player: Does anyone know where Meike is?
  • Protestor [2]: Meike? Isn't she the leader of the Monarchist society?
  • Protestor [1]: I think they normally meet in the King's Axe inn.
  • Protestor [2]: I don't know why she's not here.
    • Player: Don't listen to Hreidmar!
      • Protestor [1]: I think he's talking a lot of sense. Why shouldn't we listen to him?
        • Player: He's abducting people and turning them into chaos dwarves!
          • Protestor [1]: No one can turn ordinary dwarves into chaos dwarves. That's impossible.
        • Player: He took his company out of the city.
          • Protestor [1]: Of course he did! He wanted to get away from the corrupt Consortium system!
        • Player: He bribed the boatman to destroy the statue.
          • Protestor [1]: That's ridiculous! He's a supporter of the monarchy. Why would he do that?
          • Protestor [1]: Come to think of it, weren't you involved in the statue being destroyed? I think you're trying to shift the blame!
        • Player: He's got a twirly moustache! He's clearly a villain!
          • Protestor [1]: He has a fine example of a dwarven moustache! You humans are just jealous of our facial hair!
        • Player: I should go.
    • Player: I should go.
Talking to Veldaban afterwards
  • Veldaban We should see if Meike is in the King's Axe Inn.
    • Player Who's Meike?
      • Veldaban She's the leader of the Keldagrim Monarchist movement, and she's an expert on the monarchy. I think she can help us.

Meeting Meike[edit | edit source]

Luitger[edit | edit source]

  • Luitger: Oh, hello, Veldaban. Hello, human.
    • Player: We're looking for Meike.
      • Luitger: Isn't she down by the palace?
      • Veldaban: No. That's why we came to see you.
      • Luitger: Oh. Last I heard, the others all joined the protest.
      • (New option in set after choosing finding Meike)
        • Player: We really need to find Meike.
          • Luitger: I told you, I don't know where she is. Leave me alone.
    • Player: Are you alright?
      • Luitger: Oh... I don't know.
      • Luitger: I was going to meet up with Meike and Klass, like normal. But then all that stuff down at the palace started to happen and they never showed up. I think they both went to the protest.
    • Player: You're not joining the protests?
      • Luitger: I suppose I should...
      • Luitger: I don't know, though. When the monarchy was just something we talked about, I was in favour... but it all looks so different now.
      • Luitger: I heard it was getting violent down there. I heard someone got arrested. I don't want to be involved in anything like that.
      • Veldaban: [Player], what if it was Meike who got arrested? We should check at the Black Guard HQ.
    • Player: Goodbye.
Talking to Luitger afterwards
  • Luitger Oh, leave me alone.
Talking to Veldaban afterwards
  • Veldaban We should go to the Black Guard HQ and see if Meike is there.

Klaas[edit | edit source]

  • Klaas: You can't keep me here! When the new king is crowned, he'll make you pay for this!
  • Lieutenant Brae: There's not going to be a new king!
  • Klaas: You'll all be sorry! All of you!
  • Player: We're looking for Meike.
  • Lieutenant Brae: We didn't arrest her. I don't know where she is.
  • Klaas: I know where she is, but I'm not helping you to find her!
  • Veldaban: Lieutenant Brae, what's this man charged with?
  • Lieutenant Brae: He was throwing stones at the palace. The crowd was getting out of control.
  • Veldaban: We badly need to find Meike. Klaas, if you'll tell us where she is, I'll see what I can do for you.
  • Klaas: You're not getting me to sell out like that!
  • Veldaban: Ah, well. For a charge like throwing stones, the Black Guard can't hold you for long anyway.
  • Lieutenant Brae: Veldaban, what are yo-
  • Veldaban: And with the Black Guard stretched thin controlling the riots, you might not see another guard again for hours. Isn't that right, Lieutenant?
  • Lieutenant Brae: I suppose that's true, bu-
  • Veldaban: So, for example, if someone were to take you into the slums and break both your legs for not giving them the information they need, they might never catch whoever did it.
  • Klaas: Alright! She went to the tower south of the city!
  • Veldaban: Thank you, you've been very helpful.
Talking to Klaas or Lieutenant Brae afterwards
  • Klaas I told you! Meike is in the tower south of the city!
Talking to Veldaban afterwards
  • Veldaban Meike is in the tower south of the city. We should go and talk to her.

The Watchtower[edit | edit source]

  • Meike: Veldaban. Human.
  • Veldaban: Meike. You're not an easy person to find.
  • Meike: I wanted to be on my own. What do you want, Veldaban?
  • Veldaban: We need your help. You're an expert on the monarchy. Down at the palace, Hreidmar is-
  • Meike: He wants to open the sealed records chamber, yes. And he sounds like he knows what we'd find if we looked in there, doesn't he?
  • Veldaban: He's a villain, Meike. He's kidnapping people, turning them into chaos dwarves. The chaos dwarf army is under his command.
  • Meike: I believe you. It's just...
  • Meike: All of my adult life, I've looked at that statue and though about how much better life would be under a king. I believe in the Azdaran Fragment. 'Only a king.'
  • Meike: But did it have to be Hreidmar to be the one to bring it close? And everyone's being taken in by him...
  • Meike: This isn't how I wanted it to go.
  • Veldaban: We've got to stop him. There must be something we can do.
    • Player: We should just kill him.
      • Meike: Kill him?
      • Veldaban: We can't. He's in plain view. The mob would tear Keldagrim apart, starting with us.
    • Player: We should discredit him.
      • Veldaban: He's been careful. We may know what he's up to, but we don't have strong evidence to tie the Red Axe to the chaos dwarves. It would be our word against his.
      • Meike: That would be no good. He's played the crowd exactly right.
Talking to Meike after quitting dialogue before choosing records chamber option
  • Veldaban: We've got to stop Hreidmar. There must be something we can do.
  • (Same three dialogue options as normal)
    • Player: We could get into the records chamber first.
      • Veldaban: If only we could. No one can get in there.
      • Meike: Actually... there might be a way. I don't like to suggest it, but...
      • Veldaban: For Guthix's sake! This is no time for qualms!
      • Meike: Alright!
      • Meike: The keys to the records chamber are kept in the library in Keldagrim West. Normally, they're locked away, but the librarian knows me, He might let me handle the keys.
      • Meike: We can make moulds out of clay and use them to forge new mithril keys.
  • (New option)
    • Player: I'll meet you both at the library.
      • Meike: Alright. You'll need six pieces of soft clay to make moulds of the keys, and later you'll need six mithril bars to make the duplicates.
      • Veldaban: I'll see you at the library, [Player].

Keldagrim Library[edit | edit source]

  • Meike: Alright, we're all here. You should speak to the librarian and ask him to open the case with the keys in it.
Asking the librarian about opening the display case
  • Player: Could you open the display case, please?
  • Librarian: There are some valuable historical artefacts in that case. It wouldn't be right for an outsider to see them.
  • Meike: I'm helping this human to research a book about Keldagrim for Varrock Library. We need to see some of the documents in the case.
  • Librarian: Hmm, alright, Meike, if [he/she]'s with you. I'll need to keep an eye on you, though. Those are valuable artefacts and they mustn't leave the library.
  • Meike: Of course.

The librarian gives you a key to the cabinet.

  • (Missing dialogue about attempting to open cabinet without key)
  • (Missing dialogue about destroying key and asking for a new one)
Attempting to take the keys once the cabinet has been opened
  • Libararian What do you think you're doing?
  • 'Meike [Player]! We don't need the keys themselves. Soft clay, remember?
Talking to either Meike or Veldaban once the cabinet has been opened
  • Meike These are the keys to the sealed records chamber.
Attempting to create the moulds
  • Librarian: What do you think you're doing? I'm going to keep an eye on you, human.
  • Meike: Looks like you're not going to be able to do it yourself. Give me the clay, then keep the librarian talking.
Talking to Meike after attempting to create the moulds
  • Meike Give me the soft clay, then talk to the librarian to distract him.
    • Player Here: take this soft clay...
      • (Attempting to give fewer than 6 pieces of soft clay)
      • Meike There are six keys, so I'll need six pieces of clay if this is to work...
    • Player Never mind.
Giving the soft clay to Meike
  • Player: Here, take this soft clay.

You give six pieces of soft clay to Meike.

  • Meike: I think I know what to do with these. Why don't you have a chat with the librarian so his attention isn't on the display case?
Talking to Meike or Veldaban after giving Meike 6 pieces of soft clay
  • Meike You'll need to talk to the librarian so his attention isn't on me.
Talking with the Librarian
  • Librarian: Welcome the Keldagrim library, human traveller!
    • Player: Can you tell me more about the library?
      • Librarian: Why, certainly, it is one of my favourite subjects!
      • Librarian: I am Hugi, you see, I am the chief librarian here. Hugi, my parents named me that, it means 'personification of thought' in the ancient dwarvish tongue.
      • Librarian: Quite like the name myself.
      • Librarian: The books in the library have been collected for any centuries now, through various generous donations.
      • Librarian: You'll find books dating from many different eras as well. Such as the Era of Kings, the Rise of the Consortium and the Era of Prosperity, our current era.
      • Player: How do these eras correspond with the Ages of the world?
      • Librarian: Oh, they are quite different, and most of them take place in the Fourth Age.
      • Librarian: Since we dwarves hid underground for a long time to sit out the wars that raged above the ground our history books differ slightly from those written by humans.
      • Player: Thanks for the information!
    • Player: What do you know about impenetrable rocks?
      • Librarian: You're confusing me, what rock exactly are you talking about?
      • Player: The big one in the mines south of the city. Dondakan's big rock.
      • Librarian: I see, I see. I heard there was a demon inside there that you banished.
      • Player: Yes, what exactly does that mean anyway?
      • Librarian: There are some demons that we cannot see properly as mortals. They also cannot be fought with normal weapons. But sometimes these creatures manifest themselves in a solid form in our world. Their avatar. When you defeat an avatar, you defeat the actual demon behind it. But they don't die, they are banished to where they came from originally.
      • Player: Does that mean I will have to deal with this demon again some time?
      • Librarian: Doubtful. He will grow stronger and stronger over time, but that's a process that will take a thousand years at least. Even dwarves don't live so long. No, we won't see him again and the mines are safe to dig for gold now. Of course, that might lead to other problems eventually...
    • Player: Can you tell me more about the keys?
      • Librarian: Oh, of course! Those keys are the library's most precious artefacts.
      • Librarian: They're a fine example of the style of craftsmanship from the end of the Era of Kings. Notice how ornate they are compared with the style of Keldagrim metalworking today.
      • Librarian: The records chamber itself dates back to the middle of the Era of Kings, but the current door was built by the Consortium during the reign of Alvis, the last king.
      • Librarian: After Alvis's death, the Consortium closed the records chamber and the six major company directors took a key each.
      • Librarian: As the Consortium expanded beyond six companies, the directors started arguing over who would keep the keys. Eventually they decided to lock all the keys together in the library.
      • Librarian: The records chamber has been opened a few times since then, at the Consortium's orders, but not often. I hear it might be opened again soon, which will be exciting!
      • Librarian: It's nice to have a chance to tell someone all that. No one's shown such an interest in the keys since that Hreidmar fellow, and that was about twenty years ago.
      • Librarian: I hope that helps you with your book!
After Meike has completed the moulds
  • Meike: I've done it. I've made a clay mould of each key: the original keys are fine.

Meike gives you six key moulds.

  • Meike: You'll need to take the key moulds and six mithril bars to a furnace in order to make duplicate keys. I don't think there's a suitable furnace in Keldagrim. The closest one is probably Rellekka.
  • Meike: Once you're done, meet me and Veldaban in the records chamber. The entrance is built into the west wall of Keldagrim, near the Black Guard HQ.
    • Player I've lost the key moulds.
      • (With all 6)
        • Meike: You have all the key moulds. Try looking in your bank.
      • (With X destroyed)
        • Meike gives you X key mould(s).
    • Player Never mind.

The Records Chamber[edit | edit source]

  • Meike: You've got the keys! Good work.
  • Veldaban: Let's get this door open. I think the crowd at the palace is getting agitated.
  • Meike: Each key matches with a lock, but I don't know which one is which. It looks like the identifying symbols have been worn away. You'll have to work it out by trial and error. Put a key into each lock and then try the door and see how the bar moves.
Before solving the puzzle
  • Meike I'm afraid you'll have to work out which key matches which lock by trial and error.
  • Meike Put a key into each lock and then try the door. You should be able to tell how many you have right on each side.
    • Player I've lost the key moulds.
      • (Same dialogue as above when in library.)
    • Player Never mind.
  • Veldaban I don't know how to get this records chamber open, [Player]. Talk to Meike if you need help.
Attempting to open the door before solving the puzzle
  • Meike I think you'll need to put a key in each lock before you can try the door.
After solving the puzzle
  • Veldaban: Good work, [Player]!
  • Meike: Thank you, human. I never thought I'd live to see the inside of this chamber.
  • Meike: The family trees that show the current rightful king should be here somewhere...
  • Meike: Ah, here we are.
  • Meike: No. Oh, no...
  • Veldaban: What's the matter?
  • Meike: Acoording to these records, Hreidmar is the rightful king of Keldagrim.
  • Veldaban: He altered the records. That's what we expected.
  • Meike: No, you don't understand. These records haven't been altered. There's no way that...
  • Meike: I'd be able to detect any tampering. Even if it could fool the Consortium General Secretary, I know what to look for, and I'm not seeing it here.
  • Meike: Hreidmar is the king of the dwarves.
  • Veldaban: Listen, Meike... Hreidmar cannot be allowed to take power. He's evil. It doesn't matter what the line of succession says.
  • Meike: You think I don't know what? For goodness' sake, Veldaban, you think I don't...
  • Meike: There might be some loophole. There might be a rule that disqualifies him...
  • Meike: Leave me here to work. If I can't find something, then I might have to... Even if Hreidmar didn't alter the records, it might be possible...
  • Veldaban: You wouldn't...
  • Meike: Veldaban, it might be the only way. We're all agreed. Hreidmar can't become king. Whatever it takes to stop that.
  • Veldaban: Meike, I don't want... There must be some other way.
  • Meike: The two of you should go. There's still a chaos dwarf army marching on the city, remember? Maybe you should worry about that.
  • Veldaban: Colonel Grenda is in charge of the Black Guard. We don't need to worry about that.
  • Meike: You do need to worry, Veldaban. You don't want to face it because of where it is, but sometimes the good of the city means doing something you don't want to do.
  • Veldaban: Alright, [Player]. I can show you the way. Let me know when you're ready.
Talking to Veldaban again
  • Veldaban: Alright, [Player]. Meike's right, we should investigate the chaos dwarf army. Hreidmar won't need to be the rightful king if he can take over the city by force.
    • Player: Can you show me the way to the Barendir caverns?
      • Veldaban: Alright. Follow me.
    • Player: What did Meike mean, you don't want to face it?
      • Veldaban: She meant that it's in Barendir; the chaos dwarf army is camped out in the Barendir caverns.
      • Veldaban: And she's right. The thought of going back to that place...
      • Veldaban: There was a battle there between the Black Guard and the trolls. The worst we'd had in decades. Tunnels were literally choked up with bodies.
      • Veldaban: It's where Colonel Grimsson went beserk (sic) and got his scar. We all came away with scars, though, physical or psychological. The thought of going back there...
      • Veldaban: But that's where the chaos dwarf army is, and that's where we've got to go if we want to stop them. Let's get it over with.
    • Player: Have you really been agitating against the Consortium?
      • (Same dialogue as above)
    • Player: I have to do something else.
      • Veldaban: I'll be in the Laughing Miner.
    • Player: Never mind.
Talking to Meike again
  • Meike It can't be that simple. There must be some way...
    • Player What should I do now?
      • Meike I don't need any help here. You should see if Veldaban wants help with anything.
    • Player So Hreidmar is the king of the dwarves?
      • Meike The story I grew up with is that the last king, King Alvis, died without an heir. When his wife was giving birth to their first child there were complications, and mother and baby both died.
      • Meike Alvis never remarried. He handed rule of the city over to the Consortium after his death. They built the statue, so that even though his line was dead, he would always be remembered.
      • Meike But if these records are correct there was a conspiracy. The baby survived. The Consortium's doctor hid the child and told King Alvis that he was dead.
      • Meike The young prince was adopted by the otherwise childless director of what was then a small, obscure mining company: the Red Axe.
    • Player Are you sure the records are genuine?
      • Meike The closer I look, the more certain I am. The way this paper ages, the records must have been writen around the time of King Alvis, and any tampering since then would be visible.
      • Meike I know what I'd do if I was trying to alter these records and I can tell that hasn't been done.
    • Player Have you found a loophole?
      • Meike I don't think there is one. Hreidmar is a direct male descendant of the last king of Keldagrim. None of his ancestors did anything that would disqualify him.
    • Player I'll let you work.
      • Meike Thank you.

The Barendir Caverns[edit | edit source]

The Black Guard[edit | edit source]

  • Colonel Grenda: It's good to see you, commander.
  • Veldaban: I'm not a commander any more. I resigned from the Black Guard.
  • Colonel Grenda: I'm sorry, sir, I didn't quite catch that. It must be the acoustics in these caves.
  • Veldaban: *sigh* Just tell me what's happening, colonel.
  • Colonel Grenda: The chaos dwarf army is camped at the other end of the Barendir tunnel. They haven't moved since we spotted them. It's like they're waiting for a signal.
  • Colonel Grenda: A couple of our scouts managed to get there and back. The chaos dwarf army is huge. They've got dwogres, hand cannoneers and multicannons.
  • Colonel Grenda: Unless we can get reinforcements, I wouldn't want to bet on the outcome of this battle.
  • Veldaban: The Consortium's locked down, Lieutenant Brae's barely able to keep the city under control, and there's no help coming from Keldagrim.
  • Colonel Grenda: I thought as much.
  • Colonel Grenda: Well, commander, any help you and your human friend can give would be appreciated.
Talking to Col. Grenda again
  • Colonel Grenda: I wish they'd attack and get it over with. I didn't sign up to the Black Guard to stand around.
    • Player Were you at the first Battle of Barendir?
      • Colonel Grenda: Yes, I was, human.
      • Colonel Grenda: I was just a private at the time; Barendir was my first big operation.
      • Colonel Grenda: It's what showed me what war is - there's no romance, no glory. It's them and you, and you do whatever it takes to win.
    • Player What can we do to help?
      • Colonel Grenda: I don't know, human. What can you do to help?
      • Colonel Grenda: You're not in my chain of command. You should see what Commander Veldaban wants you to do.
    • Player Why don't you attack the chaos dwarves?
      • Colonel Grenda: They're heavily entrenched. Even if we outnumbered them, which we don't, we'd be slaughtered. If we wait for them to come to us, we might stand a chance.
    • Player Goodbye.
Talking to Veldaban again
  • Veldaban The chaos dwarf army will be camped at the other end of this tunnel. We should take a look for ourselves.
    • (Same options from before entering the Barendir cavern)
Upon investigating a sparkly crystal
  • Veldaban: Convenient, aren't they? No need to bring torches into Barendir.
  • Veldaban: Gods, I hate those crystals. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. It's like they're mocking all the death and pain that happened in these caves.
Trying to enter the troll tunnel
  • Veldaban: We don't need to go that way, [Player].
    • Player: What's that way?
    • Veldaban: That's troll country. Those caverns belong to Pretty Flower.
      • Player: Pretty Flower?
        • Veldaban: Shh! Not so loud!
        • Veldaban: Pretty Flower was the only troll warlord who survived the Battle of Barendir. Now he's the most powerful warlord in this area.
        • Veldaban: His name strikes fear into the heart of every dwarf soldier. They say he wears a belt of dwarf skulls.
      • Player: Oh, okay.
    • Player: Oh, okay.

An Old Enemy[edit | edit source]

  • Colonel Grimsson: Veldaban! How's your memory? Forgotten any more dead girlfriends? Ha, ha, ha!
  • Veldaban: Grimsson. You don't need to do this. Turn back your army.
  • Colonel Grimsson: I watched her change, Veldaban! I watched as we made her forget you.
  • Colonel Grimsson: You were holding hands as we pried you apart, tears in both your eyes. Such a touching sight. But you'll never even remember that moment! Haha!
  • Veldaban: What happened to you, Grimsson? You were a harsh officer, but you were never cruel. We all looked up to you.
  • Colonel Grimsson: The Red Axe is my life now!
  • Veldaban: You don't... you don't remember, do you? The Red Axe wiped your memory too!
  • Colonel Grimsson: Veldaban! I'll crush you!
  • Veldaban: They've brainwashed you, Grimsson! You're even more brainwashed than me! Ha, ha, ha!
  • Colonel Grimsson: VELDABAAAAN!
After defeating Grimsson
  • Colonel Grimsson: This means nothing, Veldaban! You may defeat me, but you'll never defeat my army! Men! Fall back!
  • Veldaban: You coward, Grimsson!

Reinforcements[edit | edit source]

  • Veldaban: Grimsson's abandoned his command post, but he'll have fallen back to a fortified position.
  • Veldaban: I thought he'd have more honour than that. I should have known better.
    • Player: We should go after him.
      • Veldaban: That would mean the two of us against the whole Red Axe army. I don't care how mighty a warrior you are, two of us against an army would be suicide.
    • Player: Let him go. He's not a threat.
      • Veldaban: I'd like to believe you, but the size of his army suggests otherwise.
    • Player: We should get reinforcements.
      • Veldaban: That's a good idea, but where from?
        • Player: What about other divisions of the Black Guard?
          • Veldaban: The Keldagrim Black Guard is tied up keeping the peace, and there's no easy way to recall the Black Guard from across the world.
          • Veldaban: No, I think Colonel Grenda's First Division are the only Black Guard help we're going to get.
        • Player: What about a team of heroes?
          • Veldaban: This is an army we're dealing with, not a single enemy. I don't think any individual is going to make the difference we need.
        • Player: What about the trolls?
          • Veldaban: No! You're not really suggesting...
            • Player: Could the trolls make a difference?
              • Veldaban: Well, they could, if they entered on our side, but I don't see how you can arrange that. There's no predicting what the trolls will do.
            • Player: I don't know why they haven't got involved already.
              • Veldaban: Neither do I, but I thank Guthix that they haven't.
              • Veldaban: There's not been a major attack since the Battle of Barendir. We've kept out of these caves and Pretty Flower has left us alone. I worry that he's been building up an army to attack again, though.
              • Veldaban: Grimsson must have been sensible enough not to antagonise them.
            • Player: Why are you so scared of the trolls?
              • Veldaban: Why aren't you? You must have met trolls before. They eat humans as well as dwarves.
            • Player: Never mind.
          • (New option after picking any of them)
            • Player: I'm going to go and talk to them, with or without you.
              • Veldaban: Alright, go. I'll be back at the Laughing Miner if you need me.
        • Player: I have to do something else.
    • Player: I have to do something else.

Troll Emissary[edit | edit source]

Pretty Flower[edit | edit source]

  • Pretty Flower: A tall dwarf! Pretty Flower eat dwarf for breakfast!
  • My Arm: Dat not dwarf. Dat human!
  • Pretty Flower: Hmm, Me not know if human good to eat. Human might be poisoned. Me not eat you, poisoned human. Go away before me change mind.
    • Player: I'd like to see you try to eat me!
      • Pretty Flower: You reverse psychology not work on me, human. You want me eat you. Me bet you poisoned!
      • Pretty Flower: People try to poison me, but me not fall for it. Me too clever!
    • Player: I need to talk to you.
      • Pretty Flower: You weak. You not worthy to talk to me.
  • (New option after above)
    • Player: How can I prove I'm worthy?
      • Pretty Flower: You think you worthy!
      • Pretty Flower: If you worthy, you pass test of strength. You must pick up Big Rock.
    • Player: I'll just be going.
      • Pretty Flower: You go, human, and not come back.
Speaking to Pretty Flower before lifting the big rock
  • Pretty Flower: What you waiting for? Me tell you to pick up Big Rock!
Lifting the big rock
  • Pretty Flower: No, that not right! I tell you to lift up Big Rock!
  • Big Rock: Me bet you not strong enough to lift me.
Speaking to Pretty Flower before lifting Big Rock
  • Pretty Flower: Knock over Big Rock - he not wait forever! You wait too long, maybe he knock you over!
Lifting Big Rock
  • Big Rock: Hwerp!
  • Big Rock: Human lift me up! Me not think any human is strong enough, but this human lift me up!
Lifting Big Rock again
  • Big Rock Ha, ha, ha!
Speaking to Pretty Flower again
  • Pretty Flower: Okay, human. You lift up Big Rock. What you want talk about?
    • Player: We want you to help defend Keldagrim from chaos dwarves.
      • Pretty Flower: Why we want to help Keldagrim?
        • Player: Lots of chaos dwarves for you to eat.
          • Pretty Flower: Yuk! Chaos dwarves not taste right. They taste like bad eggs.
          • Pretty Flower: You try to poison me! Everyone try to poison me, but me too clever!
        • Player: The dwarves of Keldagrim will be grateful.
          • Pretty Flower: Trolls not care about what dwarves think in their tiny dwarf heads.
        • Player: Colonel Grimsson made fun of your name.
          • Pretty Flower: Me not fall for dat! You say dat to manipulate me. Me not believe you.
        • Player: I'll just be going.
          • Pretty Flower: You go, human, and not come back.
    • Player: Why do you have such a silly name?
      • Pretty Flower: Graaaar! Human! Always with the name!
      • Pretty Flower: Trolls, we named after first thing we eat.
      • Pretty Flower: Big Rock: first thing he eat is big rock. My Arm: he eat his dad's arm.
      • Pretty Flower: When me only baby troll, me not know what me eat, then everyone laugh.
      • Pretty Flower: But me showed them! Me became baddest troll ever! Now dwarves tremble at name Pretty Flower!
      • Pretty Flower: My son, he nearly ready to eat food. Me hope he get better name than Pretty Flower.
    • Player: I'll just be going.
      • Pretty Flower: You go, human, and not come back.

My Arm's Next Adventure[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What are you doing here?
    • My Arm: Pretty Flower think someone try to poison him, so he make me grow new food ingredients for him.
  • Player: How's your Farming coming along?
    • My Arm: My Arm getting good at dis. I growin' plenty of goutweed for Burntmeat, an' he very happy.
  • Player: How can I get Pretty Flower to listen to me?
    • My Arm: What you talking about? Pretty flower never listens to no one. Why you expect pretty flower listen to you?
    • My Arm: My Arm know some people talk to pretty flower... but My Arm think those people crazy people.
      • Player: But Pretty Flower was talking to me earlier!
        • My Arm: Haha! You t'ink pretty flower talk?
        • My Arm: Oh... yes... pretty flower done talk to me too, if dat make you feel better. You not crazy person.
      • Player: Pretty Flower is deaf?
        • My Arm: Of course. Pretty flower don't got no ears.
        • My Arm: It look bit like ear sometimes... but it not ear, it flower.
      • Player: I'm not a crazy person!
        • My Arm: It all right, [Player]. My Arm not think you a crazy person.
    • (After any option)
      • Player: Wait, what pretty flower are you talking about?
        • My Arm: My Arm done grown pretty flowers on top of mountain – dey nice. Burntmeat say dey smell like thing he not know what it smell like. So he put dem in soup.
          • Player: Mmm... soup.
            • My Arm: Mmm...soup. Soup-de-soup-de-soup.
          • Player: I thought you were talking about the warlord.
            • My Arm: No, no, warlord is Pretty Flower. We talking about pretty flower.
            • My Arm: Dey do sound kind of similar. Me never think of that before.
          • Player: Could I have a pretty flower?
            • My Arm: What you want it for?
              • Player: I'm making soup.
                • My Arm: Mmm... soup.
                • My Arm: Actually, that bad idea. Burntmeat get sick when he eat flower soup. He make me promise not to put flower in soup ever 'gain or he stomp on my face.
                • My Arm: So that bad idea and me not allow it.
              • Player: I need to give it to Pretty Flower.
                • My Arm: You need give pretty flower to itself?
                  • Player: *sigh*
                    • My Arm: What you sigh like dat for, [Player]?
                  • Player: I need to give the plant to the warlord.
                    • My Arm: Okay, me see.
                    • My Arm: Haha. It kind of funny, all this mix-up, because troll have same name as thing.
                    • My Arm: Me never think of that before. Well, anyway, here you go.
                    • My Arm gives you a pretty flower.
                  • Player: Just give me the flower!
                    • My Arm: It only flower! You not get so worked up.
                  • Player: Bye.
              • Player: I want something to remember you by.
                • My Arm: Aww, that very nice.
                • My Arm: But if you lose memory, me not think flower help. You just think 'what dis pretty flower?' and it be mystery.
                • My Arm: Then maybe you go on quest to find out thing you forgotten...
                • My Arm: No, that silly idea. No one thinks that good idea.
              • Player: Bye.
          • Player: Bye.
      • Player: Bye.
  • Player: Bye.
Asking for another pretty flower
  • Player I need another pretty flower.

My Arm gives you a pretty flower.

  • My Arm My Arm hope you enjoy!

New Allies[edit | edit source]

Showing pretty flower to Pretty Flower's son
  • Unnamed troll child: Look dad it you! Fritty Plower!
  • Pretty Flower:Even own boy make fun of me. This sad day for trolls.
Giving the pretty flower to Pretty Flower
  • Player: Take a look at this pretty flower...
  • Pretty Flower: Take a look at what?

You show the pretty flower to Pretty Flower.

  • Pretty Flower: What you show me dat for?
    • Player: I thought you might want to make some soup.
      • Pretty Flower: Pretty flower soup is bad - My Arm tell me so.
      • Pretty Flower: You trying to poison me! Everyone trying to poison me, but me not fall for it! You have to do better than dat, human.
    • Player: You see the flower? That's you, that is. Haha!
      • Pretty Flower: You make fun of name of Pretty Flower?
      • Pretty Flower: Graaar! Go away before I crush you like Tiny Insect!
      • Pretty Flower: Tiny Insect was name of last troll to make fun of me. She not do it again!
    • Player: It's a gift from Colonel Grimsson.
      • Pretty Flower: This gift from chaos dwarf?
      • Pretty Flower: He make fun of me!
      • Pretty Flower: Grr...aaarrr...
      • Pretty Flower: Me not let dwarf insult me! Me crush smelly dwarf!
      • Pretty Flower: Listen me now, trolls! We go to kill smelly chaos dwarves!
      • Pretty Flower: Haha! It be great battle! Maybe my son get great battle name.
      • Pretty Flower: You go now, human. Go back to dwarf city, tell your dwarf friends we deal with chaos dwarves!
Talking to Pretty Flower again
  • Pretty Flower: You go now, human! I get trolls ready to attack chaos dwarves! My son earn his battle name today!
Giving the pretty flower to Pretty Flower again
  • Pretty Flower: You not need show me that again! Take pretty flower somewhere else!
  • Big Rock: Where you want us to take you, boss?
  • Pretty Flower: Gaah! Everyone shut up!

King of the Dwarves[edit | edit source]

  • Veldaban: I hope you've got the trolls on our side, [Player].
  • Veldaban: Meike's just told me how she... sorted out our problem with Hreidmar. It seems the records don't point to him after all.
  • Meike: I'm sorry, Veldaban. It was the only way.
  • Veldaban: It's done now.
  • Veldaban: There's someone coming onto the balcony.
  • Yellow Fortune director: People of Keldagrim! Please listen!
  • Yellow Fortune director: The Consortium has guided this city for the past five hundred years.
  • Yellow Fortune director: Recent events, however, have made it impossible for the Consortium to stay in power.
  • Yellow Fortune director: These are troubled times, and there is truth to the Azdaran Fragment. 'No band of petty councillors can preserve this city through its darkest days – only a king.'
  • Yellow Fortune director: We have, therefore, authorised the opening of the records chamber in order to determine who is the rightful heir to the throne.
  • Yellow Fortune director: The Consortium will step down and become an advisory body under the new king.
  • Hreidmar: At last, I shall have my birthright...
  • Consortium general secretary: Ladies and gentlemen, I have studied the family histories in the records chamber. There is one man in Keldagrim who has an incontrovertible claim to the throne.
  • Meike: May Guthix have mercy on me...
  • Consortium general secretary: The rightful king of the dwarves is... Veldaban.
  • Hreidmar: Veldaban?
  • Hreidmar: Lies! I am the rightful king!
  • Veldaban: Guards! Arrest that man!
  • Hreidmar: My army will overrun the city! You will pay for denying me my throne!
  • Black Guard: Sirs! Ma'am! I mean... Your Majesty!
  • Black Guard: News from Barendir! The chaos dwarf army has been routed by trolls!
  • Veldaban: Guards! I said arrest that man!
  • Lieutenant Brae: He's gone, sir. We lost him in the crowd.
  • Veldaban: Don't call me 'sir' any more, lieutenant. Call me 'Your Majesty'.
Fade out/in
  • Meike: I'm sorry, Veldaban.
Meike places a crown on Veldaban's head
  • Meike: All hail King Veldaban! Long love the king!