Sentient Letters

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Sentient Letters is an achievement that requires the player to collect the four lore drops (letter signed 'Pontifex Madromurt', letter signed 'Pontifex Nabor', letter signed 'Pontifex Bilrach' and the damaged letter) from activities within The Empty Throne Room. The chance of receiving letters is significantly improved while training on empowered resources.

Training at any of the skill nodes has a chance to add a Senntisten scroll to the player's inventory. These scrolls can then be handed to Celia Diggory, at the top of the throne room, who will take and translate them. After this the player can ask for a copy of the translated text from Celia Diggory. She will also return destroyed texts to the player. The texts are gained in a specific order:

Letter signed 'Pontifex Madromurt'
Letter signed 'Pontifex Nabor'
Letter signed 'Pontifex Bilrach'
Damaged letter

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