Letter signed 'Pontifex Madromurt'

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The letter signed 'Pontifex Madromurt' is a letter from Madromurt to Azzanadra. The letter was found on a Senntisten scroll inside The Empty Throne Room after being lost for thousands of years, having not being delivered. Celia Diggory kept the original scroll for the museum, and gave out this transcription. It can be added to a bookcase in a player's owned house.

The letter tells of Madromurt's objections of Praetorian Trindine being assigned to his diocese, not for any capability reasons, but because he and the other clergy are fearful of her position in the secret police.

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The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Letter signed 'Pontifex Madromurt'.

The ancient scroll must have been thousands of years old. Seemingly it was never read by its intended recipient.

Your Holiness

I am writing once again to formally record my objections to the assignment of Praetorian Trindine to my diocese.

It is not a question of ability. Trindine is without a doubt the most capable individual I have worked with. She is strong, agile and magically proficient. Her mastery of illusion magic is such that I am the only one of the clergy or the laity even aware that she is a Mahjarrat and not a human.

However, in her role as agent of the secret police she is a constant source of intimidation and interference. Clergy are afraid to question her judgement for fear of reprisal. She intrudes on church duties and disrupts processes.

What is the ultimate purpose of this oversight? Our diocese is efficient, the taxes flow regularly and the people are satisfied or, at least, obedient. We have done nothing to warrant the suspicion evidenced by this enforced placement of and operative in our midst.

I wouldn't wish to speculate on matters above my station, but what I hear of Trindine's master Sliske suggest that this attitude and agenda may be endemic within the Praetorian Guard.

Though we are separated now by bureaucracy and the hierarchy of the church, back on Freneskae we were friends, or at the very least compatriots. In spirit of this friendship I urge you to take this matter seriously. Few meaningful threats remain within the borders of the empire, but this does not make the threats within any less dangerous.

Yours in faith,
Pontifex Madromurt

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