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The letter signed 'Pontifex Nabor' is a letter from Nabor to Azzanadra. The letter was found on a Senntisten scroll inside The Empty Throne Room after being lost for thousands of years, having not being delivered. Celia Diggory kept the original scroll for the museum, and gave out this transcription. It can be added to a bookcase in a player's owned house.

The letter is a transcript of an interview Nabor held with the Chthonian demon Senecianus. Nabor asks of what happened to Senecianus before he came into Nabor's care, specifically about Rowena. Senecianus talks about how he fed the orphaned girl secretly for some time, before feeding her in person one time, where he lost control of his hunger and ate her himself.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Letter signed 'Pontifex Nabor'.

The ancient scroll must have been thousands of years old. Seemingly it was never read by its intended recipient.

Your Holiness

You asked to be kept apprised of our findings with respect to our unique patient, the Chthonian Senecianus. I include therefore this transcript of an interview I conducted personally with the patient during one of his rare, lucid moods.
Nabor: Good morning, Senecianus.
Senecianus: Good morning, Revered Father.
N: You seem well today, Senecianus.
S: Indeed, Revered Father.
N: I would like to talk to you about what happened before you came here.
S: Of course.
N: We should start with this... Rowena. What can you tell me about her?
S: Rowena was a homeless human orphan who lived in my parish. I often saw her in the alley behind my office.
N: The office where you conducted your work as an accountant?
S: The very same. Over time I become quite fond of the girl. I would leave small morsels of food for her in the evenings, and espy her eating from my window. I named her Rowena after a circus performer I had once seen whose precise and jerky movements she recalled.
N: So Rowena was not in fact her real name?
S: I suppose not. I Suppose gutter people probably do have names they have given themselves. The thought had not occurred to me. In any case, I would tell my clients of the antics and mannerisms I had observed, and in general they were invariably amused. One night I finally resolved to go out into the alley and feed her in person. I approached with caution, and she did not startle in the matter that I had expected.
N: You expected her to be frightened?
S: I am hundreds of times larger than she was, and I am given to understand that humans find the appearance of my kind frightening.
N: Of course.
S: Hesitantly, she accepted the bread that I offered. We spent some time sitting in silence, bonding I think, but all the while a terrible thing was growing inside me. A hunger I had kept repressed since I was discharged from the legion, after the invasion. I... I...
N: What did you do, Senecianus?
S: I ate her! I swallowed her whole! The last thing I remember is her scream... her scream...
At this point the patient tried to attack me and had to be restrained and returned to his cell. He has had no further period of lucidity since this interview.
Senecianus is clearly still far too dangerous and easily triggered to run loose in the population.
More than this, though, I wonder what this means for the Chthonian population at large. How many more of them bear this repressed urge to devour which, once indulged, will break down all their mental fortitudes? I wonder these things in private, for I acknowledge the political influence the demons hold and the impact on our society these revelations would have.
Yours in faith

Pontifex Nabor

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