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10 Fairy dragons stacked inside a trenchcoat. Not very good at wiki stuff yet. Generally online in the wiki's discord as HyperionXV from 22:00 GMT till 10:00 GMT (14:00 Pacific to 03:00) if you want to say hello.

Wiki Stuff:[edit | edit source]

Mostly working with the drop log project to fill in drop tables and helping with One Small Wiki Favour. Or just small updates to pages that need more info. Still learning how to edit well.

Ongoing Wiki Projects:[edit | edit source]
  • Gathering archaeology materials with different mattocks to gather several hundred hours of data on the effect of focus. In progress spreadsheet.
  • Gathering small menaphite gift offerings to open for data. Aiming for 1000... Eventually. Low priority.
  • Gathering divine eggs to open for data. Maybe. Possibly.
  • Updating relevant pages when new patches change stuff.

Previous Wiki Projects:[edit | edit source]
  • Gathered drop data for Forge Phoenix fire spirits. Amount: 10,000 spirits over 230 hours. Spreadsheet
  • Opening Zanik's chest for loot logs.
  • Gathering data on how different mattock focus amounts inlfuences materials gained in archaeology.
  • Minor amounts of contributions to various OSMF tasks.
  • A lot of detailed item images.

In-game stuff:[edit | edit source]

Have played Runescape for years. Was a f2p during the Falador Massacre on an old account that no longer exists. Current account is maxed or 120 for skills that go that high. Enjoy quests, and would go for trimmed comp cape except I don't enjoy PvM. My favorite skill is smithing. My Least favorite skill is dungeoneering.

  • Primary account: Hyperion Xv
  • Finished getting all skill pets on February 28, 2021:
    • Construction: Obatained at 177,738,555 experience on February 28, 2021.
    • Dungeoneering: Obtained at 188,245,057 experience on February 21, 2021.
  • Future plans: ??? All level 120s maybe?
  • Unlocked the Completionist Cape on December 29, 2020.