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Bond detail.png One Small Wiki Favour

Earn bonds by helping the wiki!

Take part in our One Small Wiki Favour project to help the wiki and earn in-game rewards, whether you're completely new to the wiki or you've been here for a while.

New tasks will be posted below. Think of them as editing bounties. By helping us complete any of them, you can be rewarded with a bond, or GP, depending on how much you contributed.

You can jump straight in with any of the tasks below. If you need any help you can contact the task co-ordinator listed in the task description or other editors in the #oswf-rs channel on our Discord.

When you have finished a task contact the task co-ordinator so that they can check your work. Please allow us some time to respond to you.

Once your contributions have been checked, your name will be added to the prize list.

When your name appears on this list you can ping the @oswf-rs-helper role on our Discord server to find someone who is available to meet you in game and give you your reward.

Task list detail.png Tasks

There are no tasks currently; check back soon for more!
If you are looking for something to edit check out this list of projects.


  • You must have a wiki account and cannot be blocked. Anonymous edits will not count. You can sign up for a wiki account at Special:CreateAccount.
  • You can claim two bonds over each two week period that tasks are active.
  • The reward for completion of each task is one bond unless specified otherwise. If multiple editors contribute to a finite goal then the prize may be split between them.
  • You may be awarded an amount of coins if you work on a goal but do not do the full amount of work required to earn a bond. The amount of coins will be equal to the percentage of the task being completed. You must do at least 25% of the total task to claim a reward.
  • We typically award the equivalent value of a bonds in coins. If you would specifically like a bond please let the coordinator know (note that bonds are traded to you and as such become untradeable).
  • Prizes will expire if they are not collected within 6 months of them being awarded.