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One Small Wiki Favour is a project to improve the RuneScape Wiki, where wiki users can contribute to a number of ongoing wiki tasks and qualify for receiving in-game rewards, including bonds. Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you're completely new to the wiki or you've been here for a while. If you have not edited before, then this is a great time to get involved!

To participate in this project and GET A BOND, take a look at the tasks below and find one that looks exciting -- completing any one of them will earn you a share of a bond. Each task has some advice on how to effectively tackle it, but we strongly recommend joining the #one-small-wiki-favour channel in our Discord to coordinate with other editors, discuss the project, and claim your rewards. If you do not wish to create a discord account you can claim rewards and get help via the talk (discussion) page or by contacting the co-ordinator via their talk page. Note that bonds are not awarded automatically so please contact the coordinator and allow time to check the task, and it may take up to two weeks for bonds to be awarded by Jagex. Bonds awarded by Jagex appear directly in your currency pouch.

Tasks and rewards[edit source]

Current tasks active until

8 June

If you have worked on a goal and want to be considered for a bond, please let us know in the OSWF discord channel. One of the project helpers will check your contributions and may award you a bond if you have completed the task. If you have done work on a goal but not managed to complete it fully before the reset time then you may still be rewarded some coins for your work.

If you are awarded a bond then it will be added directly to your RuneScape account - please allow up to a week for Jagex to action our requests for bonds. If you are awarded coins then one of the project helpers will meet you in game to give you your reward - just ask in the discord channel to claim your prize and a project helper will meet you when you are available.

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Teleport logging - Task active

Add the start/end points and timing of 200 teleports/other transportation things to our spreadsheet.

In order to finish our automatic pathfinding project (Google Maps for RuneScape!), we need to get an exhaustive list of all the ways you can move, besides walking. That includes teleports, spirit trees, ships, agility obstacles/shortcuts and even things like cave entrances and ladders. We specifically need the start and end points (if applicable -- teleports generally don't have start points), and how many ticks they take to do.

A spreadsheet can be found here which contains lists of transportation options with their start/endpoints, time and requirements. We're probably going to get some duplicates, but please try to do a Ctrl+F on the sheet first to see if the method you're about to try has already been done by someone else. The sheet also has a TODO tab of things that are missing. Simply add new rows to the appropriate sheet to add teleports, be sure to include the start/end look coordinates, time taken and requirements and use a descriptive-enough name:

Please try to add a useful description of what the "teleport" actually was (take inspiration from existing entries in the sheet).

To get the Look (and Pos) values open the dev console with Alt+` and use the getcamerapos command. Take the first digit of the Pos value, and all the digits of the Look value (ignore the brackets), and fill them in on the sheet. Do this at the source/origin/start of the transport, if there is one, and the end.

Time the transport - You can use your smartphone, watch, or other timing devices. Google stopwatch will also suffice. If the teleport uses menus, dialogues, etc, include them in the time. The timer should be stopped once the player is able to move again after teleporting.


  • If transport is two-way, it only needs two rows if the start/end don't line up, or the time taken is sufficiently different (more than a tick)
  • Mark one-way transport
  • While not necessary, if there are any keybinds associated with using the teleport (eg skillcapes, jewellery), note those down with [square brackets]
  • Mark your comments with a TODO if it needs checking later (or use a GSheet comment)
  • If a transport has some randomness in arrival, ideally get the center of the range (but it doesn't matter too much)

Probably the majority of the teleports here will be ladders and stairs, so it might be useful to just go through an entire city at once. And make sure to get both the up an down parts!

This is a bit complex, so please join to the Discord if you want to help!
NPC Contact icon.png

NPC dialogue - Task active

Transcribe 30 NPC dialogues onto the wiki.

There are quite a few occasions where we're missing dialogue for NPCs in RuneScape, help us add them.

Help us by creating transcript pages (see Transcript:Donie as an example) and adding the dialogue for an NPC. Our style guide on transcripts contains information on how to style these pages appropriately. You should not add quest-related dialogue for an NPC to their transcript page, this belongs on the quest's transcript instead.

We strongly recommend using Alt1's "transcribe" feature, which quickly and easily transcribes dialogue by reading the text on your screen. You can then copy this onto the wiki and make minimal formatting changes.

This is a selection of 50 out of a total of 1119 non-player characters that are missing dialogue pages. For a new set, click here.
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Retaking images - Task active

Retake 25 images

We have a large number of images in Category:Images needing to be retaken. We are looking for budding image takers to help retake these images.

There is a guide on how to take images that fit wiki standards here - if you are not sure what type of image you are working on then feel free to join us in the #one-small-wiki-favour channel on Discord to get help from other editors. Once you have taken the image you should upload it following the guidance on that page. It is not necessary to remove the background of the image (add transparency) for this task.
RuneScape 3 Logo.png

Update history - Task active

Add the patch notes from 4 different updates to relevant pages

One of our newest (and most ambitious) projects is to document information about how game updates have affected content over time. A group of editors is currently working through old patch notes and copying them on to pages of content that was affected by each patch.

This information is organised chronologically in a new section called "Update history" which is being added to pages. You can help by doing this for the patch notes listed below. There is a project page which explains how to add in a new patch note here as well as a dedicated #update-history channel on our Discord.

Here's some that we have not been done yet:

You can find more on User:Tombomb/Update History. Please mark them off on both pages when you're done!

Rules[edit source]

  • You must have a wiki account and cannot be blocked. Anonymous edits will not count. You can sign up for a wiki account at Special:CreateAccount.
  • The reward for completion of each task will be one bond. If multiple editors contribute to a finite goal then the prize may be split between them.
  • You may also be awarded coins if you work on a goal but do not do the full amount of work required to earn a bond. The amount of coins will be equal to the percentage of the task being completed. You must do at least 25% of the total task to claim a reward.
  • If you are awarded a bond or a share of a bond, you can get in contact with one of the project runners on Discord and claim it in game. Bonds are generally awarded by Jagex which may take up to two weeks, and they will appear directly in your currency pouch.
  • You can claim two bonds over each two week period that tasks are active.