Transcript of Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf journal entry

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  • I spoke to Commander Veldaban While we were speaking, he received word that chaos dwarves had been seen in the mines.
  • I agreed to help deal with the remaining chaos dwarf.
  • I defeated the chaos dwarf. It dropped a strange slip of paper.
  • I showed the slip of paper to Commander Veldaban.
  • Commander Veldaban said that the note was a Grand Exchange order slip.
  • I took the order slip to the Grand Exchange, and received a mysterious package in return.
  • I took the package back to Keldagrim, but Commander Veldaban was not in the Black Guard HO. Lieutenant Brae told me that he was in the Laughing Miner pub.
  • I took the package to Commander Veldaban in the Laughing Miner pub I asked Commander Veldaban whether he thought the Red Axe was involved. He immediately asked for a drink.
  • I got a drink for Commander Veldaban.
  • Commander Veldaban got drunk and shouted at Supreme Commander Bisi in the Black Guard HO. Then he went to bed.
  • By comparing the boot from the package to the footprints in the ground, I revealed the chaos dwarves' tracks.
  • I put the bowl from the package over a fire pit in the mines.
  • I removed the bowl from the fire pit. The fire had gone out.
  • I put the metal rod from the package into the socket at the bottom of the fire pit.
  • I turned the rod in the socket. This opened a hidden door.
  • I followed the chaos dwarves' trail to a chasm filled with mine cart tracks.
  • I told Commander Veldaban about the chasm.
  • I took Commander Veldaban to the chasm I navigated the mine cart maze and lowered the bridge across the chasm.
  • I freed the prisoner.
  • Commander Veldaban and I opened a door leading deeper into the base.
  • Commander Veldaban and I went deeper into the Red Axe base.
  • We told the Consortium what we had found. The Consortium said that they were conducting an investigation, but did not really seem concerned about the plight of lower-class dwarves. Commander Veldaban resigned from the Black Guard in protest.