Rogue Down

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Rogue Down is an achievement that requires the player to free the Wilderness portal rogue trader in Rogues' Castle after Summer's End.

The rogue is a non-player character that players first encounter by completing the quest Summer's End. To find him, enter the Spirit Realm using Jennica's ring via the portal located in the Rogues' Castle courtyard and close the prison doors within the Spirit Realm; this will open the doors in the normal world, allowing conversation with him.

There are two prison doors in Rogues' Castle. Pass through the first one and close the second one. Pass through the first one again and close this one too. Next, go back to the location of the spirit portal and traverse back to the normal world. Once back in the normal world, go inside the prison and talk to the Rogue telling him that you are there to free him. This completes the achievement. Afterwards, the Rogue can be found in Varrock south of the archery shop.

Location of the portal to the spirit world.

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