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This is a list of events that happened in 1999:

  • DeviousMUD (also known as MUD client), a very early version of RuneScape, is completely rewritten by Andrew Gower and his brothers, who called themselves Jagex, standing for JAva Gaming EXperts. It is released in a public beta for a week, and then removed.
  • "Jagex" begins to be used as a trading name.
  • RuneScape begins development.
  • ”Jagex” begins as a game development studio.

March[edit | edit source]

  • 12 March: Some duplicate login bugs, and various other bugs were fixed.
  • 13 March: Work on a player-2-npc multiple choice style conversation system began.
  • 14 March: Work on conversation system was continued.
  • 15 March: Player-2-npc conversation system was completed.
  • 15 March: Important background scenery can now be named, and manipulated by players.
  • 16 March: Player-2-player conversation system was improved.
  • 16 March: Quest compiler was at its starting stages.
  • 17 March: Quest compiler was finished, but did not support many commands.
  • 18 March: Game was debugged - 11 (fairly minor) bugs were fixed.
  • 18 March: Auto bug reporting system for client was finished.
  • 19 March: Player 'Identikit' system was being updated.
  • 22 March: Identikit system was finished. Player's appearance and human NPCs could then be customised.
  • 25 March: Wood/forest to the left of the starting zone had been designed.
  • 28 March: More bugs were fixed.