Transcript of Observatory Quest journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by talking to the professor, in the Observatory reception, south-west of Ardougne.
  • Seems the Observatory telescope needs repairing, due to the nearby goblins.
  • The professor wants me to help by getting the following, witht he help of his assistant:
  • 3 wooden planks
  • 1 bronze bar
  • 1 molten glass
  • 1 lens mould
  • The professor was pleased to have all the pieces needed to fix the telescope.
  • Apparently, the professor's last attempt at Crafting ended in disaster. So, he wants me to create the lens by using the molten glass with the mould. Fine by me!
  • The professor has eagerly gone ahead to the Observatory. He wants me to meet him there by travelling through the dungeon below it. I hope I get to look through the telescope!
  • I should probably see what the assistant thinks of all this. He should be pleased.
  • I had a word with the professor's assistant and he gave me some wine! What a pleasant chap. He also mentioned about Scorpius and a grave - most cryptic indeed!