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Template documentation
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Template:Variant invokes function main in Module:Variant using Lua.

This template displays a notice stating that an item has a variant, additionally providing a link to it, or vice versa. It is important to place the template just before the Infobox Item template.


To be used at the top of applicable articles. Acceptable instances include pages such as Zamorakian spear, Lucky Zamorakian spear, Attuned crystal bow, and Crystal bow.


For items with non-similiar names, an example of use of this template with parameters may be

On the zamorakian spear article,
{{Variant|Lucky=Lucky Zamorakian spear}}

On the Lucky Zamorakian godsword article,
{{Variant|Lucky=Zamorakian godsword}}

It can have multiple additional variants:



Smithing upgrades that use + notation can be automatically generated using the max+=n parameter. This will automatically generate the links for the base version and all versions up to and including +n. For example, Beta:Elder rune two hand sword through Beta:Elder rune two hand sword + 5 can use {{Variant|max+=5}}.

If the item has off-hand variants, or is an off-hand variant, setting msoh to a true value will also generate links to the other hand variants of the item (and the upgrades).


Variants are listed in the following order (things on the same line are effectively alternative parameter names):

	smithing upgrades (+)
	'superior', 'inferior', 'achto', 'attuned',
	'barrows dyed', 'barrows',
	'shadow dyed', 'shadow',
	'third-age dyed', 'third-age', 'third age dyed', 'third age',  
	'blood dyed', 'blood',

Parameters not specified above are grouped together, sorted alphabetically (by the wikicode of the link formed), and appended to the list.