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Template documentation
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Template:Respell-en invokes function main in Module:Respell-en using Lua.
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This template is for English words only.
For notating pronunciation of non-English words that have not been assimilated into English, use {{IPA-all}} or the IPA template for the respective language. In addition, the template is merely to augment the IPA but never to replace it, and therefore should not be used alone without an IPA notation preceding it. See Runescape:Style guide/Pronunciation for more on showing pronunciation on RSWiki. If you need help transcribing the pronunciation into the IPA, please ask at User talk:Aikhana/Projects/Pronunciation.

This template formats pronunciation respellings of English words. It puts the input in italics, hyphenates each value so it will represent a syllable, and links to Pronunciation respelling for English. Stressed syllables are input in uppercase and will appear slightly smaller than usual uppercase letters.

Notation must be spelled accordingly to the respelling key at {WP|Pronunciation respelling for English}}. For example, the word pronunciation (IPA: /prəˌnʌnsiˈʃən/) is respelled prə-NUN-see-AY-shən; using this template, the formatting is:

How to use

On the RuneScape Wiki, respelling is most commonly used to help clarify the pronunciation of a name or topic in the lead section or introductory paragraph of an article. Per the style guide, respelling may only follow and augment a corresponding International Phonetic Alphabet template (e.g., {{IPAc-en}}) and may never be used in place of one. The template provides a link to a key so that readers may easily discover how to pronounce an easily mispronounced or difficult-to-pronounce word. For example:

  • Ardougne (/ɑːrˈdɔɪn/ arr-DOYN) is a city in the realm of Kandarin...
    '''Ardougne''' ({{IPAc-en|ɑːr|ˈ|d|ɔɪ|n|}} {{Respell-en|arr|DOYN}}) is a city in the realm of [[Kandarin]]...

Common practice is to put no punctuation except one space between the IPA and the respelling for clarity, as in:

Any argument containing an underscore or beginning or ending with a hyphen will not generate adjoining hyphens and will instead turn the underscore into a space, allowing for denoting word boundaries, alternate pronunciations, and affix ellipses. For example:

An argument beginning in (- or ending in -) will also suppress the extra hyphen, so that optional syllables can be indicated.



link=no cancels the link to Pronunciation respelling for English. This is for documentation outside the main namespace only.

  • {{Respell-en|prə|NUN|see|AY|shən|link=no}}prə-NUN-see-AY-shən

See also

  • {{IPAc-en}}, for broad English IPA transcriptions
  • {{IPA-all}}, for non-English language or otherwise narrow IPA transcriptions.