Transcript of The Glory of General Graardor

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The Glory of General Graardor - written by Amanuensis

After learning of the God Bandos, I did everything in my power to follow him. This desire has lead me to where I am now: documenting the life of the great General Graardor.

Graardor enjoys recalling his life as a young ourg. He was only seven or eight-feet tall, smaller than the others in his tribe, and he wasn't able to eat a pig whole. Even then, Graardor found favour with the Big High War God. His tribe would only allow sizable adults to go to war, but the Big High War God gave him the courage to challenge the Tribe Chief to a wrestling match to the death. Graardor won, was able to go to war, and was the new Tribe Chief to boot.

Despite his youth and size, Graardor killed more than any on the battlefield. His tribe mates recall a pile of bodies as big as White Wolf Mountain.

The great battles continued, and Graardor grew in stature. Any who tried to fight him were crushed or tossed away. He even talked with the Big High War God, who told him to go to a town near his village. There he found a large reserve of gold—something he never really cared for. But, when he carried the gold past a tribe of goblins on the way to his homeland, they followed him eagerly and fought over the coins that fell to the floor.

It was then that Graardor began his ascent to becoming General Graardor. With his bag of overflowing coins, he visited the many goblin tribes. One by one they pledged allegiance to Graardor, until he was in command of the majority of all goblin. With his army amassed, few could stand between him and anything he wanted.

It couldn't last forever. Raids resulted in less and less gold, as opponents became poor or moved away. The Big High War God neglected to answer his questions. The loyalty of the goblin army began to waver, and many abandoned his command.

The great Graardor would not let his followers leave so easily. He sold his armies and his own strength to the highest bidders—other gods, hungry for power. The gold he gained was used to buy the loyalty of other tribes, which in turn were sold as warriors. Success did not make Graardor happy, however. The voice of the Big High War God did not come to him.

The question ate at Graardor: had the Big High War God himself abandoned him? Perhaps the Big High War God had only shown Graardor as much as was needed. Perhaps He would call on Graardor's power once again, when the time was right. Graardor had the biggest army and was the most powerful. The Big High War God must have known that Graardor was doing well enough on his own.