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Just for clarity's sake, I'd like it to be known that my account is not "blocked", per se. The scary, red box that reads "This account has been disabled globally by Wikia." seems to give people the impression that I was such a terrible person that Wikia decided I was no longer welcome anywhere ever again. What it actually means is that my account is no longer able to be used. The most important thing to know is that it is disabled by my own choice. You can read the rest of my userpage below for the exact reasoning, but the important thing to know is that I am not blocked by Wikia nor the RuneScape Wiki community. In fact, I am still welcomed by the latter. I've decided to stay on the discord server, where I am more than happy to give advice or opinions on how to edit a page. I've even written a few modules since my departure from direct editing. My account is blocked for my sake. I spent an unhealthy amount of time and energy editing the wiki, and I've already been tempted to return. Removing access to my firmly established account was the best way to keep me from coming back.

Again, the important thing to know is:
I am not "blocked", and I could actually return any time I wanted.
I just don't want to.
This user has retired from the wiki.

In the time that I've been on the wiki, I've successfully built a reputation of massive asshole. And in retrospect, I'm perfectly okay with that. When I call someone a "faggot", I mean it as an insult. The difference between me and most people, is that I'm not really afraid to say what's on my mind. If something is stupid, I don't see why I should feel reluctant to voice what I think. In fact, it confuses me when people don't say what's on their mind.

But it needs to be said that, regardless of my behavior, I really cared about this wiki. Nearly every edit I made was made because I genuinely believed that it was for the better. A lot of people probably thought I removed too much. I say I didn't remove nearly enough. When I saw trivia about a minor glitch, all I could think was "Who cares?" I set a higher standard than most for what I considered to be good or useful information.

I had a lot of fun editing. Unlike some people, I never used this account for automatic edits on this wiki. Even if I was making what seemed to be inhumanly fast edits, they were by hand. I made use of the tools we have on the wiki. I can probably attribute at least 100,000 edits to lists created by DPL. A wise man named James Evans once said, "Find clever ways to do things efficiently." That's extremely important to know. Especially on such a large wiki with such a relatively small established community.

Despite all the fun I had editing, I found wiki work just got increasingly stressful. And even though I don't really care about being blunt, sometimes I acted in ways that even I found inexcusable. I was never the model of behavior here or anywhere, but I never sought to be. I can't say I behaved exactly how I wanted to all the time, but I'm just going to accept everything I did for what it was.

This wasn't a quick or easy decision. Leaving has been on my mind for months. I sort of want to do more with my life, but that's difficult when you're trapped by this compulsion to fix things on a video game website. And I think that's the big reason I'm not that upset about the block. Wikia is a terrible company that has 0 interest for the integrity expected of a wiki. This new malware-esque bullshit was my breaking point. I feel no remorse for the nasty things I said, and I would gladly say them again. But even though I admit I was nasty, I was not "3 months block" nasty (an opinion shared by everyone else I've talked to). The staff member who blocked me knows I play a very important role here, yet he still made the decision to issue a blatantly punitive, unnecessarily harsh block. It's bad decision after bad decision with these guys, and I've had it. This is my chance to leave without being lured back by a typo to fix. If I don't take it now, I might not see an opportunity like this for a while.

My biggest regret is that I left so much unfinished. Something about my personality always has me undertaking large projects and then getting bored before I get to completing them. If you want to continue my legacy, there's so much to do:

  • {{Dropping monsters list}} on all relevant item pages. This list should help.
  • {{Store locations list}} on all relevant item pages; with that, the store parameter needs to be removed. This list should help.
  • {{Uses material list}} was experimental, but I think it'd be great to have it on tons of pages.
  • {{Image categories}} still has plenty of licenses to go on; and with that, the removal of explicit categorization from files that use those licenses
  • Vorago/Strategies isn't even half finished. A good chunk of information (this and this) never even made it to the mainspace.
  • SMW got used a lot, but it never quite took off to the extent that I wanted it to.
  • The groundwork for a good Bestiary has been started. Maybe Gaz can make it great like he did with equipment tables.
  • A couple hundred pages still need their transcripts moved to the Transcript namespace. This list should help.
  • Tons more infoboxes could have benefited from being modulized.