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Bond detail.png 1 Bond = NFT Boken.png 1000 🅱️okens

With the digital market constantly evolving, we have decided to enter into this digital cryptocurrency age by pioneering a brand new ethereum token blockchain - the 🅱️oken!

The 🅱️oken, named after the RuneScape currency of Bonds, and tokens, is an innovative digital legal tender that you can invest in various RuneScape-related assets for your collection. 🅱️okens are generated through the secure and decentralized process known as "editing", and tracked through a open-source tokenization system found in the revision history blockchain.

Editing can be done through both personal and anonymized processes, maximizing security while also minimizing privation through unexpected arbitrage or incentives. 🅱️oken aims to fill a gap within the cryptocurrency market caused by a paucity of game-based token currencies, and achieves its unique characteristics through a marriage of cutting-edge technology and turn-of-the-millennium MMORPG gameplay.

Interested? Check out the rest of this page to see what exclusive capital you can purchase with 🅱️okens.

Buy a page[edit | edit source]

Seen a RuneScape Wiki article that's caught your eye? Thought to yourself, 'Wow, this would look amazing on the mantelpiece!'?

Well, today's your lucky day! For one day only, we are offering you the opportunity to purchase any page on That's right! ANY page, buy to own the rights completely! Just pop in the page name for the page you would like to buy below to see if it's available:

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Auctions[edit | edit source]

Here are our unique artworks, curated by world-class archivists, currently available to buy:

Legal disclaimer[edit | edit source]

Weird Gloop Ltd.™ is not responsible for any misuse of 🅱️okens, addiction to 🅱️okens, eye strain from 🅱️okens, bankruptcy in-game from 🅱️okens, or 🅱️oken theft. By purchasing a page or unique artwork from with 🅱️okens you are hereby signing away your RuneScape account to Weird Gloop Ltd.™ to use for 🅱️oken mining. Weird Gloop Ltd.™ does not take any responsibility for destruction of the earth, rainforest, rivers, desert, or any further nature-based words due to mining of 🅱️okens. All 🅱️okens purchased on 1 April 2021 will hereby be declared null and void from 3 April 2021 onwards.

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