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    800 xp

    Create a Yak Track page

    To do:

    • Category:Needs ID
    • {{Infobox Recipe}}
      • Spell integration
      • Field for multiple items to calc XP, cost, profit, time
    • Spell clickpic
    • Policy on complementary models in images
    • Memorial to Guthix P1 echo images
    • /Conid
    • {{Infobox Construction}}
      • Check build interface names
    • Separate recipe-like template for furniture with cost, profit, XP, materials and multiplier field
    • Compare wiki object names to MROD
    • Group all MR(X)D links in one place for npc, scenery, cons switch infoboxes
    • Fix property-fed duplicate values $1 with actions and other params in switch infoboxes
    • Dropping monsters list members value for Hunter
    • POP voyages-resources calc
    • Implings
    • Irwinsson shop
    • Stolen Hearts lamps DII
    • Finish transcript draft
      • JS/CSS
    • Ref db
    • zlb
    • drop rates
    • yak track
    • Sum box
    • tdoc/disorder portal obj pages
    • script errors
    • temporary or historical drops
    • Music file ID prop
    • album
    • find mergeable pages based on size of history of a redirect