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"Hello, I am Karl West"
Don't let the name fool you, I am indeed a girl. I know it is very confusing, and it is a very long story to tell. Which I am not going to tell everyone in fear of being ridiculed. =D

Different styles of MOUSTACHES:

  • ={D
  • =[D
  • =(D
  • =|D
  • =<D

About....ME !
Name Georgia P. Duval
Age Oh My *screams* I'm actually 13
Date of Birth 02nd November 1996
Lives in here
Language I do nawt speek eenglissh veery welll (Of course I do, I'm just kidding)
School Home school
Work A voluntary editor for wikia
Pets 2 (Went down rapidly after the death of most of them >=))
Display name Zinciferous...A.K.A Oh My Glove....A.K.A Karl Weast, I mean West, A.K.A GeorgiaDuval
Password Now, you really think I'll tell YOU?
Playing since 2yrs...*Rubs head* I think....
CB level 77, 76 on F2P.