Patch Notes (2 December 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 2 December 2019.

Hey everyone, here are the patch notes for this week!

If you want to go to a specific section of the patch notes click on any of the headers below!

Patch notes combat header icon.png Combat

  • Drinking an Elder Overload potion and using a Berserker or Maniacal aura will now correctly boost combat stats to 130.
  • The Shades of Mort'ton now respond when hit with ranged weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where aggression/corruption scrimshaws could be rapidly activated/deactivated on the action bar to force the aggro of multiple NPCs.
  • NPCs that have the default option as attack now display the NPC name in the mouseover tooltip.
  • The Eat Food ability now works when transformed into Gregorovic on challenge mode.
  • The Eat Food ability now works during the Arraxor's cocoon special attack.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Achievements

  • The Barrows amulet can no longer be used for Brothers in Arms.
  • If you destroy the book "The End of Gara-Dul" and chop the idol in Karamja the achievement no longer triggers and no extra runescore is given.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png General

  • Players should now be able to world hop into VIP worlds if they have Premier Club access.
  • Stopped players from being able to use items directly from their Beast of Burden when skilling such as making potions with ingredients from a pack yak.
  • Creating unfinished potions will no longer provide duplicate vials.
  • The Escape ability no longer turns the player to face the direction they have moved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Valentine's Slam buff was being removed from the buff bar on logout.
  • Lapis lazuli will now function with the Jack of Trades aura.
  • Food and potions now function from the action bar in Stealing Creation.
  • Converted error messages when trying to reclaim an item from Diango with insufficient money from a chat message to an error box. This improves visibility on mobile.
  • Swimming animation is no longer occurring when heading to the top floor of the ship on Harmony Island.
  • Dogs no longer appear as members only in the Summoning skill guide.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Choose A Tool' interface where the buttons would stop working after pressing on the arrow keys.
  • Telegrabbing gems now correctly places the gems in a players gem bag.
  • Churns now fill cooking urns as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where butterflies were not filling hunter urns when caught with a net.
  • Fixed a script error when adding a log to a bonfire for the first time.
  • Treasure Hunter probabilities are now available on Desktop via the 'show probabilities' button.
  • Ingots now take 2 ticks to make.
  • The Smithing autoheater's message to tell you when your item has been reheated can now be filtered.
  • The system message when another user is requesting assistance from you has changed from a hard to read dark purple to an easier to read light blue.
  • Players can now consistently log into an instance shard world.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Yak Track

  • Scattering ashes will now correctly add to the progress of the Prayer Tasks in Yak Track.
  • Updated the Yak Track information buttons to make it easier to differentiate between locked and available tasks.
  • The Dungeoneering Yak Track tasks will now correctly add progress when doing Occult Floors at high Dungeoneering levels.
  • A stray select option was removed from the task skip confirmation screen in Yak Track.
  • A full-stop was added to the fourth slide of the Yak Track tutorial to help break up the sentence.
  • The Witch's Doll and Abyssal Prowler pets have had the word "pet" added on the Yak Track to help clarify what they are.
  • Players who have finished a task, but it has not registered as complete will now be able to continue progressing with Yak Track after relogging.
  • Changed Draynor Village to Draynor Market in the Yak Track.
  • Count Yakula's position has now been moved to make him more centralized.
  • Ores that are ported to the metal bank will now correctly add progress to Yak Track Mining tasks.
  • Particle effects now correctly apply to the flaming skull cosmetic from Yak track.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Farming and Herblore 120

  • It is now possible to add noted insects to the Anachronia dinosaur farm troughs.
  • Using the Powerburst of Vitality no longer keeps your updated max hp value.
  • The scroll of cleansing now correctly saves 5 grenwall spikes, rather than 1.
  • Super Growth potions will now work correctly on flower patches that have been watered.
  • Primal Feasts and Portions can now be added to Beast of Burden inventories.
  • Escape no longer puts Surge on cooldown if under the effects of the Powerburst of Movement.
  • Feedback has been added and will display if a player tries to crush new fruits to create Primal Pulp without the required levels.
  • The Anachronia build tick message now appears when players visit the Ranch out of Time.
  • Animal buyers will no longer hang around at the farm once they have all the animals they're after.
  • DND - It is now possible to hand in daily farming requests once again.
  • DND - Magic and Runecrafting potions now correctly use all their ingredients when creating those potions.
  • DND - Handing in an unchecked animal to a farming requester no longer causes a client crash.
  • A number of changes have been made to do with the Blessed Flask:
    • Blessed sand and extra fine sand used for creating the Blessed Flask are now tradeable.
    • 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg sandstone have had their buy limit on the grand exchange increased to 10,000.
    • Left-clicking the extra fine sand will now bless the sand when stood in range of an altar.
    • Experience for grinding sandstone and blessing extra fine sand has been increased to 7xp per.
    • Blessing extra fine sand now requires level 20 Prayer.
  • Using the powerburst of vitality no longer keeps your updated max hp value.