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Note may refer to:

  • Note, a piece of paper that represents items of the same type, which cannot be used in the normal way until exchanged in a bank
  • Note (Kennith's Concerns), a quest item used as part of Kennith's Concerns
  • Note (numbers), a quest item used as part of The Feud
  • Note (Fibonacci), a quest item used as part of The Feud
  • Note (Rocking Out), a quest item used in Rocking Out
  • Note ('The Bridger' Burt), a note given to players who built the River Lum hidey-hole prior to 15 March 2011
  • A scruffy note, a note obtained from Bravek in the Plague City quest
  • Pride note, a note given by Jagex moderators during the 2020 pride parade
  • Promissory note, a note given to Thora the Barkeep in The Fremennik Trials
  • Promissory note (Sizzling Summer), an item available to everyone who had been a member for the entirety of August or both August and September 2012 as part of the Sizzling Summer event
  • Scrumpled note, a note obtained from Ungadulu's cave in the Legends' Quest
  • Sin seer's note, a note obtained from Sin Seer in the General's Shadow miniquest
  • Valentine love note, a note obtained during the 2014 Treasure Hunter Valentine's Day promotion

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