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E-I-E-DI-NO is an achievement that requires the player to complete all of the breeding logs at the Ranch Out of Time on Anachronia listed below.

Completing this achievement as well as E-I-E-I-O rewards the player with the title: Old Mc[Name].

Achievement Breeds
You Had a Jadinko Amphibious jadinko
Aquatic jadinko
Camouflaged jadinko
Cannibal jadinko
Carrion jadinko
Common jadinko
Diseased jadinko
Draconic jadinko
Igneous jadinko
Shadow jadinko
Luminous jadinko
You Had a Varanusaur Feral dinosaur
Venomous dinosaur
Ripper dinosaur
Hypnotic dinosaur
You Had a Brutish Dinosaur Brutish dinosaur
Beach dinosaur
Forest dinosaur
Magnificent dinosaur
You Had an Arcane Apoterrasaur Arcane apoterrasaur
Arcane apoterrasaur natura
Arcane apoterrasaur iratum
Arcane apoterrasaur lucidum
You Had a Scimitops Scimitops
Scimitops palus
Scimitops blavum
Scimitops lucidum
You Had a Bagrada Rex Bagrada rex
Bagrada nemus
Bagrada purpura
Bagrada lucidum
You Had a Spicati Apoterrasaur Spicati apoterrasaur
Spicati apoterrasaur tilia
Spicati apoterrasaur purpura
Spicati apoterrasaur lucidum
You Had an Asciatops Asciatops
Asciatops acta
Asciatops aurum
Asciatops lucidum
You Had a Corbicula Rex Corbicula rex
Corbicula gelum
Corbicula malum
Corbicula lucidum
You Had a Oculi Apoterrasaur Oculi apoterrasaur
Oculi apoterrasaur oceanum
Oculi apoterrasaur glacies
Oculi apoterrasaur lucidum
You Had a Malletops Malletops
Malletops palus
Malletops purpura
Malletops lucidum
You Had a Pavosaurus Rex Pavosaurus rex
Pavosaurus nemus
Pavosaurus desertum
Pavosaurus lucidum
You Had a Frog Common green frog
Phantasmal poison frog
Sky-blue poison frog
Golden poison frog
You Had a Salamander Green salamander
Orange salamander
Red salamander
Black salamander
Wytchfire salamander

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