Patch Notes (9 September 2019)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from this forum thread of the RuneScape forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 9 September 2019.

Hey everyone, here's the patches for this week!

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Patch notes runescore header icon.png Achievements

  • The Easy Lumbridge achievements 'Artisan Crafting' and 'Morgan The Merrier' can now be completed.
  • Task rewards can now be handed out once more.
  • Super Restore potion now has to be made within Brimhaven to complete 'It's a Snap' like it is stated in the achievement description.
  • Bosses with a challenge / hardmode encounter will no longer popup already complete boss kill achievements.
  • Elite dungeon boss kill achievements should no longer repeat if you have already completed them.
  • Completing the Crossing Over achievement(s) will now award RuneScore.

Patch notes combat header icon.png Combat

  • Fixed an issue where Mazchna was assigning slayer tasks from Vannaka.
  • Rapid restore prayer now restore's stats at its expected rate.
  • Mahjarrat Aura can now be reset using tier 3 and tier 4 Aura refresh.
  • "Hey! Eat Power Up" Dominion tower special challenge now correctly lists "Tarn's lair" as a requirement.
  • Broken Sunspears can now be repaired.
  • Completionist capes are now more reliably removed when you no longer meet the requirements to wear it on login.
  • The Death of Chivalry boss is now immune to poison (both in the quest and Dominion Tower) to prevent poison being used to kill her while shielded.
  • Boss fight skeleton minions in the Death of Chivalry quest now scale to half their previous level, to make them easier to defeat by high-levelled players with inferior equipment.
  • Players can no longer attack hobgoblins through the locked door below the Tree Gnome Village
  • The buff timers for Flurry, Destroy and Asphyxiate now countdown reliably
  • The Burthorpe Rabbits will no longer trigger the Scavenging perk.
  • Corrected various references to mutated barge, flurry, fury and dazing shot to greater barge, flurry, fury and dazing shot.
  • The Masterwork Armour buff icon now appears on the debuff bar.
  • The Buff Bar on Desktop clients can now be clicked through.
  • The Eat Food ability is now global cooldown agnostic
  • The Adrenaline Urn buff icon will now display a number inside it.
  • The Menaphos 5% xp buff will no longer appear on the buff bar as the effect was never active
  • The Debilitate icon will now appear on the enemy players target bar.
  • Fortitude and Turmoil can no longer be activated together.
  • The Zaros Godsword special attack buff icon will now appear consistently on the buff bar.
  • Item effects are no longer cleared from the buff bar when the Ring of Death activates.
  • The NopeNopeNope perk no longer appears on the players buff bar. This still shows as a debuff on the enemies bar however.
  • Natural Instinct will no longer deactivate when transitioning between boss phases.
  • Mobile: The auto retaliate option will now work more reliably.
  • Stat reductions will now display a value on your debuff bar.

Patch notes graphics header icon.png Graphics

  • Interfaces can now be scrolled all the way down
  • Changed the Herby Werby pet "Sasha" to be a companion pet.
  • Removed a duplicate cosmetic override for the Ranged Vanquish weapon.
  • Fixed penguin images on the emote interface that appears when wearing penguin suit.
  • Snack Yak summoning has become much safer, no longer allowing them to be summoned in 'dangerous' areas.
  • Fixed issues with some NPC's having an extended thumb
  • Fixed some labeling issues with the Decimation bow
  • Coin stack model has been made less shiny to stop in some cases, the coins appearing white.
  • The amulet of farming no longer appears as a diamond amulet when worn.
  • An animation issue displaying Bloodwood logs outside of the player's hand whilst fletching has been fixed.
  • Fish during Beneath Cursed Tides have had their clickboxes adjusted.
  • An issue with reflections not displaying correctly during the Violet is Blue quest has been fixed.
  • Removed a cart in Burthorpe which had undesirable interaction.
  • The monkey bars at the Burthorpe agility course can no longer be manipulated at the opposite end to throw a monkey wrench into the flimsy laws of time, space, reality and good taste.
  • The Legends Cape and the Castle Wars capes are now consistent across male and female models, now using the female model variant.
  • The canopy of the Taverley farming patch has been moved to its new location.

Patch notes quests header icon.png Quests

  • The "A Guild of Our Own" miniquest now correctly requires partial completion of The Feud, for blackjacking.
  • When you haven't started the Shilo Village quest, its quest journal now displays the correct information if you have banked the wampum belt.
  • Legacy of Seergaze quest can no longer be accepted multiple times
  • Elemental workshop 2 start point will no longer open the quest accept screen if the requirements are not met.
  • The Miscellania questline (and affected quests) now gives the player a choice of which partner they wish to marry regardless of their in-game gender.
  • The Locusts City Quest requirement has been updated so the message references locusts correctly
  • The Menaphos City Quest to retrieve Copper now directs you to a site which has copper.
  • The quest point reward displayed for the Elemental Workshop IV quest has been corrected from 1 to 2.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not steal enough flame fragments to complete 'Lost Her Marbles' after dying.

Patch notes achievements header icon.png Other

  • The Waiko contract interface now displays a sklll icon once again
  • Players can now close the chat while in Freecam
  • The Anachronia Slayer Lodge & Spa bonuses now work correctly once more.
  • Manifested knowledge can now spawn when firing pottery.
  • Players are now able to purchase or rent the wealth evaluator again.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Alain from looking after the tree patch in Taverley.
  • Attempting to add a lent pickaxe to the toolbelt will no longer remove the current pickaxe from the toolbelt.
  • Big Game Hunter - Multispawn encounters will no longer spawn if the previous kill on that dinosaur was not successful.
  • The anti-poison totem now prevents the user from becoming poisoned whilst in pyramid plunder.
  • Weaving different divination energies will now go to the correct item category.
  • Quick chat xp for level 120 invention no longer shows 2.75m.
  • Players can no longer work on members smithing objects in free to play worlds.
  • The Dwarven Instinct aura can now spawn chests when hunting butterflies barehanded.
  • Fixed an issue where net traps & butterflies could not award strange rocks.
  • The max cape can now be re-coloured in the wardrobe.
  • Players will no longer receive a message about their Falador Shield if they are not at the Falador farming patch.
  • Players can no longer stand near the north-eastern pillar to negate any damage received when fighting Nightmares.
  • Fixed an issue where wood spirits from the Juju woodcutting potion would occasionally refer to logs as 'thatch spars'
  • An issue preventing you from interacting with the compost mound familiar has been fixed.
  • Mining Salty crablets for Sea salt will now correctly update the quick chat value.
  • Pots of flour can now be turned into dough with a full inventory if the player has the 'destroy containers' toggle set to on.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the guest clan chat channel requirements to be bypassed.
  • Joining guest clan chat channels now has a 1-minute anti-spam cooldown should you leave a channel and then try to rejoin, or fail the entry requirements.
  • Extra unusable fragments for Elite Skilling Outfits that are already completed are now removed.
  • Fixed an issue where some max level skills were not freezing in treasure hunter.
  • Can no longer make duplicate divine-o-matic vacuums by storing one in your bank.
  • Manifested knowledge will now appear as expected when grabbing feathers from the desert phoenix, if wearing the correct equipment.
  • Cancel report button when reporting a player now works correctly.
  • Upon dying as a Hardcore Ironman above 1,000 total level a broadcast will now fire out informing all players if the account was lost forever or just downgraded to Ironman status.
  • Globetrotter outfit teleport to the medium clue in a locked drawer in Gaius' house in Burthorpe has been corrected.
  • Removed an erroneous message when levelling up.
  • The Clan avatar buff will once again show buff percentage on the icon.
  • The Clan avatar buff icon will no longer disappear after logging out.
  • The Compass now reliably appears.
  • Made some optimisations to the code that generates recommended paths.
  • Clue scroll 'Search the drawers of houses in Burthorpe' can now be completed, and has also been corrected to refer to Hild and Penda's house to make it clearer.
  • Added a one-time teleport of players who logged out in the upper level of moved Burthorpe buildings to the Burthorpe lodestone.
  • Corrected the colour of the "Cosmetic Appearance" tooltip text when examining another player's overridden equipment.