Zrik's Cork Shop

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Zrik's Cork Shop only appears during Dimension of the Damned and cannot be found in the main version of RuneScape.

Zrik's Cork Shop is a shop run by Zrik located in Falador square. His shop can only be encountered during Dimension of the Damned. The shop sells an infinite amount of resources as well as small and large mystery boxes in exchange for bottle corks.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Fortified logs.png Fortified logs Bottle corks.png 50
Modified shrimps.png Modified shrimps Bottle corks.png 150
Biohazard cannister.png Biohazard cannister Bottle corks.png 250
Crystalised zombie blood.png Crystalised zombie blood Bottle corks.png 250

Mystery boxes[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Small mystery box (Dimension of the Damned).png Small mystery box Bottle corks.png 1000
Large mystery box (Dimension of the Damned).png Large mystery box Bottle corks.png 2500

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