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Zodiac code is received after first encountering Dagon the Gatekeeper on the lowest floor of the Infernal Source Dig Site. It contains the code used in the Dagon Bye mystery. Individual parts of this code are obtained from the gargoyles encountered during the Contract Claws mystery, each one giving the player one digit in the same order as the ramblings, with number 13 being given by Dagon.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Zodiac code.

(The undiscovered numbers in the code below are replaced by question marks.)
Zodiac code: 0-4-8-4-0-0-4-4-6-0-2-4-4.

This is a sequence of thirteen numbers that is somehow used to open the zodiac lock at the bottom of the Infernal Source. Dagon will tell me the thirteenth number once I have collected the other twelve numbers, each one given by a member of the Malebranche, a collection of gargoyle wardens also found within the Infernal Source. Dagon will assist me in tracking down and appeasing each member of the Malebranche.

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