Zamorakian Raid on Sliske's Lair

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In the aftermath of the Battle of Lumbridge, Zamorak was severely weakened. With Sliske's announcement that the winner of his little games would receive the Stone of Jas, Zamorak decided not to wait, and devised a plan to simply steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske.

Moia contacted the World Guardian that Zamorak wished to speak to them about Zamorak's plan to steal the Stone of Jas. Sliske took the World Guardian to the Shadow Realm and mentioned that he was well aware of Zamorak's plan, and wanted it to go forward, and left it up to the World Guardian whose side to eventually choose.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

Zamorak, Bilrach, and Moia had already dispatched Viggora to scout Sliske's lair. However, for the plan, Zamorak required the World Guardian to gather a number of his followers: Lord Daquarius, General Khazard, Nomad, Hazeel, Zemouregal, and Enakhra.

Each of the members required an additional task to be completed before they could join. While aiding Hazeel, Hazeel recommended the recruitment of the werewolf Jerrod who had been performing well in the Fight Arena.

With the team assembled, and after some infighting, Zamorak instructed everyone they would work together. Then after listening to the intelligence report by Viggora, they all departed for Morytania near the Barrows.

Infiltration[edit | edit source]

Jerrod and the World Guardian were the first to enter. Using stealth, they navigated the traps Sliske had laid, and bypassed and killed many of the guards.

When the party encountered the vault door, each member utilized their individual skills to open it, while Zemoregal protected the group from Sliske's wights.

Fighting for the Stone of Jas[edit | edit source]

In the vault with the Stone of Jas, Sliske revealed his trap. Sliske had been warping the Shadow Realm, and created shadow apparitions of the eight members of the team.

Khazard sent the World Guardian to the Shadow Realm to retrieve the Stone, while the team engaged the Shadows.

When the World Guardian reached the Stone, Sliske summoned one more shadow to fight the World Guardian. After a long battle, the World Guardian was able to defeat the Shadow's different forms, then touched the Stone of Jas to escape the Shadow Realm and get energised.

Meanwhile, the team fought their Shadows and Nomad engaged the attacking army of Elite Wights.

The World Guardian returned from the Shadow Realm, empowered by the Stone, and used the power to help finally defeat the Shadows.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

With the Shadows defeated, Nomad made his attempt to gain a piece of the Stone of Jas. After his attempt, Zamorak appeared and knocked Nomad down. But before Zamorak could deal a final blow, Nomad escaped.

Sliske and Zamorak[edit | edit source]

Zamorak took the opportunity to touch the Stone of Jas, drawing enough power to reclaim what was lost following his battle with Saradomin.

Sliske then appeared and struck each of Zamorak's followers, freezing them in place with dark magic.

After a brief discussion, Zamorak attempted to claim the Stone, but Sliske and Zamorak charged a spell at each other and each asked the World Guardian to aid them. Regardless of the World Guardian's choice, Sliske escaped back to the Shadow Realm with the Stone.