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The Zamorak hawk, a level 70 summoning pet, is one of the three God birds. It can be hatched from a red bird's egg, and has three stages of growth: Chick, Bird, and Hawk. When fully grown it counts as a Zamorak item in the God Wars Dungeon.

Bird's eggs can be obtained from Bird nests, which are dropped from a tree while Woodcutting or obtained from the Miscellania Kingdom Management activity. In either case finding an egg is quite rare. To hatch an egg, place it in a pet shop incubator (found in Yanille or Taverley), and then wait for an hour or two before retrieving the chick (time spent offline doesn't count). When enough time has passed, a chat message will appear saying: "An egg in your incubator is ready to hatch!".

Every two minutes, the pet's growth will jump up by 0.5% (unless it's already a hawk) and its hunger will jump up by 5.25% for chicks, 4.75% for birds and 4.1667% for hawks. Chicks must be fed Ground fishing bait while birds and hawks eat normal Fishing bait. It will take about six hours and forty minutes for a 0% chick to mature into a bird and further six hours and forty minutes for the bird to reach adulthood. Feeding a pet removes all of its hunger.

Having reached adulthood, the Hawk may be placed in the Menagerie of the player-owned house.

At level 80 Summoning players can understand the Zamorak Hawk.

Although the mature hawk counts as a Zamorak item in the God Wars Dungeon, (as long as it is present with the player and not in the inventory), the younger bird and hatchling forms do not.

None of the forms count as a Zamorak item to make Bandits aggressive.

Chick Bird Hawk
Zamorak chick chathead.png
Zamorak bird chathead.png
Zamorak hawk chathead.png
Zamorak chick pet.png
Zamorak bird pet.png
Zamorak hawk pet.png

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 17 March 2009 (Update):
    • The god familiars (Zamorak hawk, etc) will now provide the same protection as god-related items while in God Wars.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a member's subscription runs out while a Zamorak Chick is following them, and they log out, the chick will be sent to a pet shop, where the player needs to ask about strays in order to get the pet back. However, the pet returned will be a full adult, regardless of how long ago the Chick was hatched.
  • With the release of the menagerie on 18 August 2009, it is possible to have all three god birds at the same time. It used to be impossible to raise more than one god bird at a time; using another coloured egg with the incubator whilst having a Zamorak hawk would result in a message: "You already have that kind of pet, you cannot have another."
  • The examine could be a reference to the Monty Python "dead parrot skit"- "it's a beautiful bird, lovely plumage", or the examine info could just be referring to the bird's plumage and nothing else.
  • The hawk's response "I can feel the anger welling within you!" is a reference to Star Wars.
  • The hawk's response "Excellent!" may be a reference to Montgomery Burns's catchphrase from "The Simpsons." (Could also be another Star Wars reference, from the same scene of the movie)
  • The chick's dialogue "Are you my mummy/daddy?" is a reference to the theory that egg baby animals bind themselves to the first thing they see when they hatch, regardless of whether this is an actual parent of theirs, or even the same species. This is known in Psychology as "imprinting."
  • The examine text of the Hawk may be an allusion to a line from The Raven by Edgar Alan Poe. "In there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore."
  • While doing the puzzle during the quest Elemental Workshop III with a summoned Zamorak Chick, it will walk around the room freely without following the player.
  • When taking a chick from an incubator the click option says "take-egg" contrary to the fact that the player is actually taking a chick from the incubator.